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Keep the heat out this summer

Did you know that over 90% of homes are under-insulated. Get Eco-Friendly insulation for your home or office and keep the heat outside this summer.

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Eco-Insulation manufactures, distributes and installs eco-friendly, fire-safe and non-toxic, energy-efficient, cellulose-fibre thermal ceiling insulation for residential, commercial and industrial buildings that aids in reducing the energy required for heating or cooling. The team provides independent unbiased advice on the best way to insulate the property effectively.

Eco-Insulation headquarters are in Cape Town but nationwide installers have the experience and professional team to transform any property into a comfortable and cosy living or working space that reduces energy bills and keeping occupants cool during summer months.

For the homeowner, the installation of Eco-Insulation is a great way to protect that investment. In the home, heat rises and escapes, and in an un-insulated home, a quarter of heat is lost through the roof. Adding insulation especially in the loft, attic or roof is the fastest way to reduce this heat loss. More benefits include a healthier living environment and comfortability during extreme temperatures or noise.

For building and insulation professionals practical advice and support are readily available with Eco-Insulation consultants. The building sector is constantly innovating in its use of materials with regards to sustainability. The need to use cost-effective, environmentally friendly materials and technologies to reduce the impact that construction has on the industry. The cellulose fibre insulation is eco-friendly, thermal insulation material made from recycled paper fibres. It offers excellent thermal properties with a low embodied energy. The insulation is treated with non-toxic fire-resistant additives for added fire safety.

Eco-Insulation offers quick hassle-free simple installation, complete within 3-4 hours and will not need a top-up after a couple of years. In accordance with national building codes, Eco-Insulation is specified and installed at a settled density. The weight and bag count of required material on Eco-Insulation’s coverage chart provides the exact information pertaining to the amount of insulation that must be installed to produce the specified R-Value.

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