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Draining from roof to basement

Public Buildings: Hospitals

Safe and reliable draining from the basement to the roof. Powerful lifting stations take over the complete basement draining in rooms below the backwater level and pump wastewater from showers, toilets, washing machines or separators into the elevated public sewage system.

Outside, yard drains that can be driven over by trucks route the surface water away. Up to 100 square metres can be drained with only one yard drain 110 mm in diameter. Ecoguss and stainless steel drains are suitable for draining inside large buildings, as are drains made of high-quality plastic. Thanks to their permanently corrosion-free and smooth surface, Ecoguss drains have significant advantages over classic cast iron drains, where bacteria and germs can form and multiply over time due to corrosion. Flush-to-floor shower channels from the design line are just perfect for equipping barrier-free bathrooms. The range also includes beautiful stainless steel design covers for floor drains.

The Ferrofix stainless steel drains and channels are usually installed in kitchens. There is a large number of tried-and-trusted systems available. Greasy wastewater from the kitchen must be disposed of through a grease separator for cleaning. The construction of such systems is another of the specialities of KESSEL AG. There is a broad range available for all requirements in this field as well.

Finally, let us deal with the subject of flat roofs. In this sensitive area, KESSEL again uses high-tech material Ecoguss. Our flat roof drains have been designed for welding with bitumen sheeting. As an option, they can be heated to ensure safe function in frosty conditions. “Maximum” requirements are met here.

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