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Disinfection mats – hygiene at every turn

In 2020, disinfection mats have gained significantly in importance. New demands and technologies enable the use of these effective mats for the disinfection of footwear in more than the traditional areas such as agriculture, the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Even in office buildings, public facilities and private households, more attention is being paid to infection control in the entrance area.

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How do disinfection mats work?

Unlike classic cleaning entrance mats, disinfection mats are designed to do more than just remove dirt and moisture from shoes. It is also about killing germs, bacteria and viruses by disinfecting the soles and thus reducing the risk of contamination.

Disinfectant mats, as used in agriculture, the food industry and the pharmaceutical sector, achieve this through the use of a liquid disinfectant.

New technologies make it possible to provide doormats with antimicrobial properties without liquid; this is done through the use of a biocide.

The Entra-Clean Hygiene+ is the first entrance mat in this area whose active ingredient is OEKO-TEX® and EUCHA (European Chemicals Agency) registered.

Which disinfection mats for which purpose?

For use in the food industry (such as abattoirs) and agriculture, the use of a classic disinfection mat is the first choice.

What are the advantages of disinfection mats?

  • Efficient and fast control of germs, viruses and bacteria.
  • Mobile and flexible use without a well, frame or floor recess.
  • Cost-effective in purchase and maintenance.
  • More flexible than hygiene channels embedded in the floor.
  • Wide range of applications due to its low height of 16 mm.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Hygiwell disinfection mats are made of 100% recycled REACH-compliant PVC material.
  • Slip resistance of R10 according to DIN 51130.
  • 100% recyclable and an A+ BREEAM rating.

The contact of the shoe’s sole with the disinfectant quickly and effectively combats bacteria, germs and viruses.

We recommend the COBA disinfection mat for these applications.

A dry walk-off mat (entrance mat) should be placed behind the disinfection mat to remove any residue and moisture from footwear. On tile floors, common in hygiene sensitive areas, moisture under the sole can lead to slipping accidents.

In the pharmaceutical industry and other areas where a cleanroom environment is necessary, adhesive mats (cleanroom mats/tack mats) are often the preferred solution.

For public facilities and office buildings, it is recommended to use a clean floor mat with antimicrobial properties, such as the Entra-Clean Hygiene+. The mat offers a significant improvement in the fight against bacteria and viruses and retains its antimicrobial properties over the entire service life of the cleanliness mats. The low maintenance and attractive appearance make this doormat ideal for all facilities and businesses that value a clean and hygienic appearance.

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