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Recycling system for roofing clippings

Imperbel has been a pioneer for years in terms of recycling. Even today, the specialist in energy-saving roofing materials is innovating with a unique recycling system for roofing clippings and roofing waste. Roofers can deposit free or charge their roofing clippings at selected dealers of building materials and roofing specialists. And, if they deposit their waste sorted, they can economize 15% on the dumping costs.

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Imperbel is the only Belgian producer that can integrate roofing waste directly into the production process.

The unique and patented system treats and recycles old bituminous roofing materials into new resources that are used for the production of environmentally friendly roofing membranes. Today, more than a quarter of the resources is recycled bitumen, this is almost 4000 ton per year. In 2013, the goal of Derbigum is to recycle 10 000 ton per year.

Imperbel innovates with 2 systems for recycling, one for roofing waste and one for roofing clippings so the company is able to process more renewable materials. In this way, Imperbel proves it likes to maintain its green image. In the last 3 years, Imperbel invested 2.5 million euro into the recycling process that re-uses roofing clippings and roofing waste in the production of bituminous membranes. The challenge is to optimize this recycling process, a goal only achievable with the engagement of the roofer.

Recently, imperbel started to collect the roofing clippings and provides big bags for this purpose. Roofers can deposit their waste (no matter which brand) at their local roofing specialist for free. The costs of this recycling are borne by Imperbel. A scoop in Belgium and the surrounding countries. For the moment, there are 25 collection points in Flanders and 8 in Wallonia. In a short term, at least 25 extra collection points will be installed.

The recycling of old roofing membranes is the most difficult part of the recycling process. A lot of roofs consist of different layers. When taking down the roof, this will result in a heterogenic waste that is impossible to use because of the contamination with stones, wood, zinc, lead,…

To encourage the roofer to sort his waste, Imperbel proposes a unique discount: the roofers get a 15% discount if they deposit their waste at a selected supplier.

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