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ThermocousTex is well known for its acoustic and thermal properties. ThermocousTex supplies a variety of insulation and acoustic products, ranging in applications such as over purlin, on top of ceiling, underfloor, dry walling etc. We also make bespoke acoustic products.

ThermocousTex doubles up as skimmed or suspended ceilings, which save costs on installation and does not require another thermal layer.

Energy savings of 45% – 60% can be achieved by using the correct insulation levels.

Skimmed ceiling
Over purlim

ThermocousTex board (rigid)

A fully recyclable, environment friendly acoustic and thermal insulation board suitable for installation in domestic, commercial and industrial ceilings to reduce energy costs and suppress high noise levels for a better all round living and working habitat.

ThermocousTex fibre (flexible)

A non irritant fully recyclable environment friendly acoustic and thermal insulation blanket used in cavity walls and in domestic and commercial buildings to reduce energy costs and to regulate and suppress high noise levels for an all round better living and working habitat.

Over the last few years we as a company have spent a lot of time on research and development on making our range of products more sustainable and reducing our carbon footprint in our manufacturing and delivery process. This was re-iterated when we were awarded the KZN recycler of the year in 2006.

Our aim is to provide sustainable energy saving products that have more than one use; i.e. ceilings and acoustics.

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