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Polyester Fibre insulating blanket manufactured using recycled polyester (PET Coke bottles etc). Supplied in roll form in various thicknesses.


Fire Rating

  • Complies with SANS 428 Fire standards. Does not contribute to flame spread
  • FTC15-148 – B/B2/2
  • SANS 10400-XA Compliant with building legislation
  • SANS 204 Compliant with Energy Efficiency in buildings
  • EM-Sulation is friendly to the touch, will not irritate the skin and does not affect breathing in any way
  • EM-Sulation has been tested by the SABS, for thermal performances as well as for fire propagation
  • On flat ceilings EM-Sulation can be laid in between the trusses on top of the battens
  • EM-Sulation is manufactured to ISO9001 Standards
  • EM-Sulation does not collapse over time and retain its ‘loft’
  • VOC free / ODP 0%
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