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Daikin Industries Ltd is Japan’s pre-eminent maker of residential, commercial and industrial Air Conditioning Systems. D.A.S.A are the distributor of Daikin Air Conditioning products in Southern Africa.

D.A.S.A are currently expanding their Daikin Dealer Network (D.D.N) in South Africa thus allowing their customers and end-users an excellent sales service, installation and technical backup as well as after sales service support.

We offer you a wide range of air conditioning solutions, varying from split type units for your home, over VRV systems for large spaces and even powerful chillers for industrial use. Units through out the Daikin product range are available in gas refrigerant type: R22, R-134a, R407C and R410A.

Water Cooled Chillers with Capacity Range up to 1.1 MW

A new EWWD range of high efficiency flooded type, water cooled chillers has been introduced by Daikin Europe N.V. Launched at November’s IKK Exhibition, the cooling only unit with stepless capacity control operates on R-134a refrigerant.

Seven different sizes are planned with capacities ranging from 360kW to 1.1MW and impressive EER values of between 5.2 and 5.35 at full load, rising as high as 8.0 at 50% partload. Chilled water is supplied at between 4 and 16° C with a leaving condenser water temperature of between 30 and 50° C. For process or ice-storage applications chilled water down to -5° C is optional.

Residential Chiller

A remarkable new ‘mini’ chiller, the first inverter controlled unit of its type on the market, is available from Daikin Europe N.V. Available in 5, 6 and 7kW nominal capacities, the high efficiency quiet running residential chiller unit operates on refrigerant R-410A.

Daikin VRVIII: Third Generation VRV with many new and innovative features

Available initially in heat pump and cooling only versions, with Heat recovery on the way near in 2007, the New VRVIII incorporates all the best features of earlier VRV systems and many new and innovative features.Daikin Europe N.V. has announced the introduction of a third generation of its much acclaimed VRV range of air conditioning systems with the extensively re engineered and RoHS compliant VRVIII. Available initially in heat pump and cooling only versions, VRVIII incorporates all the best features of earlier VRV systems. However, it also possesses a considerable number of new design, installation and maintenance refinements, particularly as regards capacity, performance and refrigerant leakage control.

Large Splits Offer Substantial Energy Savings and High COPs

Daikin Europe N.V. has introduced new matched 50, 60 and 71 class ‘pair’ and ‘multi’ indoor/outdoor unit combinations to update its existing R-410A range of FTXS/RXS heat pump and FTKS/RKS cooling only wall mounted splits for energy saving air conditioning.

Featuring the current popular ‘designer’ style casings, all indoor units within the new FTXS/FTKS-E range have the same overall dimensions (290x1050x238mm) as existing 60 and 71 class FTXS/FTKS-B units. Maximum COPs of 3.63 and EERs of 3.23 position the new 50, 60 and 71 class combinations at the forefront of comparable systems as regards energy efficiency.

New 5 Port ‘Multi’  Splits

Daikin Europe N.V. has responded to a general market requirement for higher system capacities and wider application possibilities by updating its MXS heat pump and MKS cooling only ‘Multi’ series outdoor units and introducing the only 5 port systems of this type currently on the market.New models include the large 5MXS90 and 5MKS90 (replacing the 4MKS90) for connection to 5 indoor units and an additional 4MXS80 model, which will be available alongside the existing unit of the same size. New models however, will feature a new lower profile 770mm high casing (previously 908mm). Sound pressure levels of the new 5 port units vary from 48 to 52dBA and 45 to 59dBA for the new 4MXS80 unit. COPs for 5 port units are 4.40 (heating) and 3.65 (cooling) and 4.75 (heating) and 3.88 (cooling) for the 4MXS80.