Cutting edge technology for motor company

Turnstar Systems, a leading South African access control manufacturer, is proud to announce that it was chosen to provide their innovative security solutions for the expansion and security upgrade at motor company premises. In total, Turnstar supplied and installed 8 Tribune single reader turnstiles, custom manufactured security barriers and 4 Velocity vehicle barriers at the main entry and exit points.

motor company turnstiles

The Tribune turnstile is an ultra secure single reader turnstile which enables the company to ensure 100% verified access in both directions. All of the equipment was designed and manufactured in Turnstar’s state of the art manufacturing facility in Johannesburg, with over 150 machines and 200 employees dedicated to producing high quality security products. The turnstiles were made from powder coated mild steel for maximum durability.

According to Craig Sacks, director of Turnstar Systems, “We are delighted that the company chose us to provide our advanced security solutions for their latest expansion project in Silverton Pretoria. We understand how important safety is to companies such as them, so we are proud that they trusted us with supplying these products which can give them peace of mind when it comes to employee safety and security.”

This project is a great example of how Turnstar’s cutting edge technology can be used effectively by large organisations such as the motor company to keep their premises secure without compromising on accessibility or convenience for staff members or visitors. This case study highlights just some of the advantages that Turnstar’s products offer when it comes to reliable access control. From its ultra secure single reader turnstiles and custom manufactured security barriers to its Velocity vehicle barriers, Turnstar has proven itself time and time again as a leader in providing effective yet dependable access control systems.

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