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Tackle cross-contamination at the door with disinfectant mats

COBA now offer a comprehensive range of floor mats and contamination control products to help your customers reopen as lockdown eases.

It has been a strange couple of months and even with lockdown restrictions now easing, it seems that social distancing and contamination control is likely to be with us for the remainder of the year. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been expanding and refining our product lines, to offer you the best practical solutions to what are now daily challenges. 

coba disinfectant mats to stop cross contamination

To help prevent the spread of infectious viral particles that have floated to the floor and collected on the soles of shoes, we’ve introduced an easy three-step process to tackle contamination control. This brand new ‘COBA Care’ range is designed to improve hygiene and reduce walked in bacteria and other particles, which pose a high contamination risk. The product video below demonstrates how simple it is to install the COBA Disinfectant Mat and fill with COBA Care Disinfectant Solution. Also highlighted is the powerful combination of the walk-off Microfibre Doormat, which prevents moisture spread.

In addition to our mats for contamination control, we also offer floor mats for social distancing to ensure that the safety distance is maintained at work while shopping and in leisure facilities.

COBA Care – 3 Simple Steps to Contamination Control

Following this easy three-step process helps prevent the spread of walked in bacteria and infectious viral particles.

  1. Place COBA Disinfectant Mat on a level surface and fill with COBA Care Disinfectant Solution. Place the absorbent Moisture Control Mat second.
  2. Step onto the Disinfectant Mat. As you walk on the spot, specially designed vinyl loops remove dirt, while the disinfectant solution cleans and sanitises.
  3. Step onto the absorbent mat to dry footwear of excess liquid.

COBA Disinfectant Mat and Contamination Control

COBA Care 3-Step Contamination Control Products
disinfectant mats 

COBA Care Disinfectant Solution
CaterQAC, a high quality quaternary ammonium-based disinfectant, is recommended for use against Covid-19.

COBA Disinfectant Mat
The vinyl loops scrape dirt off shoes, while the disinfectant solution cleans and sanitises.
COBA products REACH compliant.

Moisture Control Mat
The Microfibre Doormat offers exceptional ‘brushing and wiping’ action with ‘rapid dry’ properties, using hygienic microfibre technology.

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