Corobrik’s Burgundy pavers create vibrant design at Elaleni Coastal Forest Estate

burgundy pavers at Elaleni Coastal Forest Estate

KwaZulu-Natal’s latest estate development – Elaleni Coastal Forest Estate – is premised on an ethos of sustainability which includes the incorporation of natural elements in construction. To minimise the impact on natural surrounds and achieve a design that integrates with the coastal forest, of Corobrik’s Burgundy pavers (10 440 m2), Burgundy Cobbles (185 m2) and Graphite pavers (840 m2) were selected for the roads and walkways throughout.


Designed by Landscape Architects Uys & White with construction done by North Global Group, Corobrik’s pavers were used throughout this naturally styled estate. Developers of the estate encourage giving back whatever is taken from nature, with an overriding environmental conscience that seeks the use of sustainable building products.


“We’ve noticed a particular trend of incorporating Corobrik’s pavers for upmarket estates along the KwaZulu-Natal North Coast,” said Lucas Uys of Landscape Architects Uys & White. “It exudes the right image for the estates.”


He said the superior quality of the pavers and deep red colour means that impurities, such as oil and soil, are not evident, while the vibrant Burgundy colour also gives real ‘sense of presence’.


The Burgundy pavers were used along all the main boulevards with intermittent lines of concrete used to break the red aesthetic. Near the estate entrance is an iconic circle known as the Infinity Forest Circle which includes a stainless-steel structure designed by Lucas Uys, representing the different tree life cycles in the forest and nature.


“The Eternal Forest Circle is designed to encourage the residents, and children, to develop an appreciation for the forest biome, with the sculpture becoming part of the estate’s landscape as opposed to being in conflict with it, representative of living as one with nature,” explained Uys.


Enveloping this sculpture, the landscape architects chose to use a mixture of Corobrik’s Burgundy Cobbles and granite cobbles, creating a naturally aged impression. Corobrik’s Graphite pavers were used for the Msinsi cul-de-sac, providing a neutral tone which blended well with the surrounding vegetation and structures.


Musa Shangase, Corobrik’s Commercial Director, said that, because of the clay materials used to create the pavers, they offer an appealing earthy nature that is aesthetically compelling and extremely durable, able to withstand high levels of loading. The pavers are renowned for their colour integrity – possible through natural pigmentation – rich texture and minimal maintenance requirements.


“The latest developments, particularly along the KwaZulu-Natal North Coast, prioritise environmental concerns which is why our breathable clay pavers are such a great option,” explained Shangase. “In addition, the paver range – particularly our latest cobbled pavers – offer a timeless, earthy look and the unmatched durability have seen Corobrik’s pavers constantly chosen for outdoor construction.”


Shangase said that Corobrik’s pavers create a high-quality environment with the herringbone pattern used to create a strong, aesthetically interesting street surface.


“The interplay between colour and texture at the Infinity Forest Circle, as well as the interesting variation in colour makes this a truly remarkable feature, and a great welcome to people entering Elaleni Coastal Forest Estate,” said Shangase.

Elaleni Coastal Forest Estate pavers and landscape

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