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Container conversions for instant on-site secure access control

Boomgate Systems has a unique range of access control solutions that seeks to streamline efficiencies and ensure that the integrity of security is enhanced for clients and that security is improved for everyone who enters and exits a building.

Boomgate instant on-site access control with a container converted into a turnstile.

Container conversions offer instant on-site secure access control points for industries and applications such as mines and remote locations where construction projects might be underway. In addition, container conversions can be used for temporary security check points for events.

A dynamic advantage of using a container conversion at temporary sites is to ensure that the security and access control is properly managed. The container conversions available from Boomgate Systems can be custom-built for specific requirements, which ultimately reduces the risk of theft and improper planning for capacity management.

Boomgate Systems container conversions can be built with specifications ranging from 20-foot to 40-foot-long containers. While containers are primarily used for storage and moving goods, container conversions can also be integrated with other security systems to monitor and record movements.

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Turnstile Container Conversions 20/40 Foot | Boomgate Systems

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