Walker Crosweller

About Walker Crosweller:

Plumbing brassware valve manufacturer, specialising in commercial water saving ablution systems. Suppliers of laboratory valves and emergency body / eye shower systems.

Products / services

Ablution Fountains6 Automatic Flushing Valves8 Bathroom / Toilet Fittings for Physically Handicapped23 Control / Relief Valves7 Control and Relief Valves3 Cooled Drinking Water Fountains6 Demand Type Water Tap1 Diaphragm Valves3 Domestic Water Filters12 Drinking Fountain Tap5 Drinking Water Coolers6 Dual Water Control Taps4 Electric Immersion Water Heaters4 Electric Water Heaters41 Electric Water Heaters Spares9 Electronic Flushing Valves6 Electronic Taps8 Emergency Laboratory Equipment4 Emergency Showers Laboratory Equipment5 Expansion Control Valves4 Flow Reducing Valves5 Flushing Cistern Valves13 Food Preparation Equipment11 Foot-Operated Toilet Flushing Valves3 Fume Cupboards7 Geyser Valves5 Hand Showers11 Hand-Operated Toilet Flushing Valves6 Heads & Mixers Showers15 Hospital Equipment, Slophoppers / Sanitary Disposal15 Hospital Equipment, Surgeons' Scrub-Up Troughs9 Industrial Valves4 Industrial Water Filters6 Industrial Water Heaters8 Infra Red Mixers5 Infra Red Toilet Flushing Valves9 Knee Operated Basin Metering Valves1 Laboratory (Polypropylene) Sinks5 Laboratory Plumbing Systems6 Laboratory Taps7 Laboratory Taps and Mixers11 Laboratory Water / Gas Outlets6 Laboratory Water Purification4 Medical Taps6 Mixing Taps16 Mixing Thermostatic Control Valves9 Mixing Valves2 Non-Return Valves4 Not Cooled Drinking Water Fountains8 Other Operation Pumps3 Plastic Sinks4 Pressure Gauges3 Pressure Reducing Valves6 Pressure Valves3 Safety Ablution Equipment4 Safety Valves4 Sanitary Fittings41 Self-Closing Taps8 Shower Fittings20 Shower Manual Control Taps5 Shower Thermostatic Control Taps3 Solar Water Heaters38 Solar Water Pumps12 Solid Brass Taps6 Special Gases Laboratory Taps4 Spray Heads and Pipework Shower Fittings8 Stop / Pressure Reducing Valves2 Taps and Mixers48 Temperature Control Valves5 Thermostatic Control Taps5 Toilet Flushing Valves13 Toilet Systems11 Urinal Sparge Pipes6 Valves9 Water Electric Storage Heaters2 Water Taps and Valves for the Disabled and Elderly8
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