About Teckentrup:

Teckentrup (founded in 1932) is Europe’s second biggest manufacturer of steel doors, with roughly 70 000m2 production area. ¬†Product range includes: industrial doors (sectional doors, roller doors (both also available in parts for self assembly), folding doors, sliding doors and high speed doors), doors for domestic use (garage sectional doors and up and over doors) and all kinds of hinge doors. We also do normal multipurpose doors made of steel, security doors, internal doors and special applications like fire proof, sound proof and smoke proof.

Products / services

Airtight Doors13 Aluminium Door Frames30 Aluminium Doors56 Aluminium Frame Partitions19 Anti Bandit Doors22 Automatic Doors for the Disabled and Elderly9 Automatic Opening Doors27 Automatic Security Doors22 Bar Grilles9 Bullet-Resistant Doors25 Cold Room Doors14 Commercial and Office Buildings25 Concrete Door Frames3 Docking Bay Doors8 Domestic Buildings25 Door Louvres12 Doors27 Doors and Grilles Weatherproofing5 Entrance Doors32 Fire Brigade Folding Doors1 Fire Check Doors7 Fire Doors20 Fire-Resistant Doors27 Fire-Resistant Partitions17 Fixed Partitions12 Folding Aluminium Doors33 Folding Stainless Steel Doors4 Folding Steel Doors11 Garage Door Automation15 Garage Doors28 Glass Partitions15 Heat Insulated Doors2 High Speed Cold Room Doors6 High Speed Doors66 High Speed Roll-Up Doors11 High Speed Roller Shutter Aluminium Doors6 Industrial Buildings24 Industrial Doors66 Insulated Partitions17 Internal Doors10 Lead-Lined / Lead Lined Doors1 Louvre Doors15 Metal Panel Partitions7 Multi-Car Garages10 Multi-Storey Car Parks9 Partition Boards15 Pivot Doors17 Plasterboard Panel Partitions4 Plastics / Plastics-Faced Door Frames4 Precast Concrete Door Frames4 Prison Cell Doors2 Purpose-Made Doors11 Radiation Protection Doors2 Radiation Shielding Doors6 Record Room Doors6 Residential, Industrial Garage Doors Steel4 Roll-Up Doors28 Roller Shutter Aluminium Doors25 Roller Shutter Sliding Metal Doors16 Roller Shutters24 Sectional Overhead Doors15 Security Doors50 Single Car Garages7 Sliding / Folding Metal Shutters / Doors12 Sliding Doors63 Sliding Stainless Steel Doors8 Sliding Steel Doors16 Sliding Steel Glazed Doors3 Solid Core Doors9 Soundproof Doors10 Stainless Steel Door Frames6 Stainless Steel Doors7 Steam Doors2 Steel Door Frames13 Steel Doorsets7 Steel Frame Partitions13 Steel Reinforced With Multi Locking System Doors3 Stone Door Frames2 Swing (Over 1,2 M Wide) Doors4 Swing Doors23 Swing Flush Panel Doors4 Swing Stainless Steel Doors9 Swing Steel Doors10 Timber Door Frames22 Tip-Up Doors6 Transformer Room Doors4 Up and Over Other Material Doors5 Up and Over Steel Doors5 Vertical Sectional Doors7 Vertically Rolling Aluminium Profile Shutters / Doors8 Vertically Rolling Metal Shutters / Doors7 Vertically Rolling Plastics Shutters / Doors5 uPVC Door Frames11
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