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About Style Decor:

The company specialises in the manufacture of both functional and decorative ornamental concrete products for a large variety of applications. Designs range from classical to modern as well as ethnic. The range of products now manufactured by the company include: Exterior decorative products such as:- Plant Containers, Statues, Water Features, Stepping Stones, Pedestals Builders’ products such as:- Columns, Ballusters, Window Sills, Copings, Pier Caps Interior products such as:- Tables, Coffee Tables, Sculptures, Servers Steel products such as:- Domes, Benches, Ornamental Bicycles, Arches

Products / services

Artworks8 Balustrade Ball Fittings6 Balustrades64 Balustrades Ball Fittings2 Benches25 Bollards39 Brackets, Handrail & Decorative Rails5 Bridges5 Building Columns14 Cladding106 Concrete (Imprinted) Pavings10 Concrete / Steel Bollards14 Concrete Air Bricks12 Concrete Balusters7 Concrete Blocks17 Concrete Braais / Barbecues / Barbeques5 Concrete Bricks12 Concrete Chimney Pots5 Concrete Decorative Birdbaths7 Concrete Hollow Blocks15 Concrete Parapet Mouldings2 Concrete Pier Caps10 Concrete Stone Production4 Concrete Trusses2 Concrete Wash Troughs2 Containers7 Coping Stones Pavings17 Copings8 Decorative Concrete48 Decorative Landscaping Products31 Decorative Plaques4 Decorative Precast Concrete Architraves8 Decorative Precast Concrete Mouldings12 Decorative Precast Concrete Window Heads2 Drainage Channels42 Fibreglass Statues2 Fish Ponds Fountains & Water Display Equipment10 Fountains and Water Display Equipment12 Frameless Balustrades20 Frames Concrete Portal Arches5 Furniture13 Galvanised Steel Cladding9 Garden Fixtures9 Garden Furniture23 Garden and Street Furniture2 General Furniture16 Glass Reinforced Concrete5 Grc Mouldings2 Manhole Covers25 Moulded Concrete Cladding10 Mouldings31 Ornamental Metalwork7 Park Furniture13 Pedestals Wash Basins12 Planters13 Precast Architectural Cladding8 Precast Concrete68 Precast Concrete Decorative Architraves5 Precast Structures8 Prestressed Concrete Beams and Slabs17 Stainless Steel Column Cladding4 Standing Ashtrays4 Steel Furniture9 Table Furniture Legs4 Tables4 Textile Concrete6 Wash Basins23 Water Features Fountains & Water Display Equipment10 Window Concrete Sills9 Window Precast Concrete Sills1
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