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Rickford Investments hallmark of success is quality and innovation. Together we have created numerous opportunities and now, 15 years on, our roofing systems protect many thousands of homes and commercial buildings. Achieving a good looking product is not enough in competitive global markets. It is attention to detail in the manufacturing process that has earned our roofing systems an international reputation for excellence. The use of ISO 9002 grade steel substrates, combined with the development of specialised surface coatings and pressing technology have all contributed to our reputation as world leader in metal roofing systems. Our operations have strict quality controls, reassuring our customers of consistent manufacturing and design standards. Offering the market new and exciting options in roofing profiles is an ongoing process. Outdated roofing materials have been replaced by new steel technology which offers better aesthetic appeal and long-term durability. Our sales offices, based in the heart of each developing region, facilitate specific product adaptation to satisfy local building techniques for all types of construction. We take pride in providing roofing solutions worldwide.

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