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About Reynaers Aluminium:

Reynaers Aluminium SA (Pty) Ltd, established in Johannesburg in 2015, sprouts from Reynaers Aluminium which was originally founded in Duffel (Belgium) in 1965. Today the company is a leading international supplier of architectural aluminium systems for windows, doors, sliding doors, curtain walls, conservatories and solar shading. Reynaers offers total solutions for both the construction of new buildings and renovation, both in the private and project market. Our goal is to provide an excellent service increasing the value of buildings and enhancing the living and working environment of people in South Africa. We achieve this together with our partners by providing innovative and sustainable aluminium solutions for our local building envelope. Reynaers Aluminium continues to expand and invest in the future. In 2016, the company achieved a turnover of 386 million euros distributing to more than 70 countries on 5 different continents. We invite you to (re)discover our company. This company page will highlight, amongst many other features, our products, services and inspiring projects.

Products / services

Acoustic Double Glazing Windows15 Airtight Doors13 Alarmed Exit Deadlocks3 Aluminium Associations4 Aluminium Beams6 Aluminium Door Frames29 Aluminium Door and Window Handles20 Aluminium Doors54 Aluminium Doorsets6 Aluminium Frame Structural Systems9 Aluminium Louvres20 Aluminium Window Handles3 Aluminium and Stainless Steel Door Handles18 Anodised Door and Window Handles13 Anodised Window Handles4 Anti Bandit Doors21 Automatic Opening Doors25 Automatic Sliding Doors19 Automatic Stays2 Batten Doors4 Bay Windows11 Black Iron Door and Window Handles4 Brass Door and Window Handles17 Brass Window Handles6 Bronze Windows4 Bronze and Cp Door and Window Handles5 Bronze and Cp Window Handles2 Bullet-Resistant Doors23 Bullet-Resistant Guard Houses3 Bullet-Resistant Windows17 Casement Aluminium Windows23 Casement Hinges3 Casement Locks5 Centre Hinges5 Commercial Aluminium Double Side Hung Windows10 Commercial Aluminium Double Windows10 Commercial Aluminium Single Pivot Windows9 Commercial Aluminium Single Windows12 Commercial and Office Buildings25 Concealed Hinges12 Conservatories5 Continuous (Full-Length) Hinges1 Cottage Pane Aluminium Doors5 Cottage Pane Aluminium Windows5 Cottage Pane Windows13 Curtain Wall Systems15 Cylinder Locks26 Dead Lock Locks17 Domestic Buildings25 Door Bolts10 Door Closers25 Door Pivots10 Door Stays3 Door and Window Bolts12 Educational Buildings20 Electric Locks21 Electronically Controlled Shutters6 Fire-Resistant Doors27 Fixed Aluminium Windows21 Flyscreens Windows7 Folding Aluminium Doors31 French Aluminium Doors5 French Doors12 Friction Hinges4 Friction Stays3 Glass Curtain Walls12 Glass Louvres Photovoltaic Cells2 Grid Components Curtain Wall Systems4 Grid and Panels Curtain Wall Systems8 Horizontally Sliding Aluminium Windows18 Hydraulic Stays2 Industrial Building Component Systems16 Industrial Buildings24 Lockable Mullions1 Locks Keys14 Louvre Aluminium Windows17 Multi-Storey Building Component Systems13 Patent Glazing Systems5 Pivot Doors17 Pivoting Aluminium Windows12 Projecting Aluminium Windows13 Projection Hinges3 Purpose-Made Doors11 Residential Aluminium Buildings3 Residential Aluminium Complete Range Windows15 Roof Aluminium Windows8 Shop Fronts and Aluminium Sections24 Shop Fronts and Sections26 Single Storey Building Component Systems11 Sliding Aluminium Doors29 Sliding Aluminium Glazed Doors21 Sliding Aluminium Windows11 Sliding Door Track11 Sliding Door and Window Gear11 Sliding Sash Windows14 Sliding and Folding Door and Window Gear10 Solar Control Louvres15 Solar Power22 Stainless Steel Door and Window Handles18 Swing (Over 1,2 M Wide) Doors4 Swing Aluminium Doors11 Swing Aluminium Glazed Doors9 Swing Bronze Doors2 Swing Glass Doors12 Tilt and Turn Aluminium Windows5 Urban Residential Buildings9 Window Aluminium Sills7 Window Control Gear5 Window Shutters28 Window Stays3 Windows Remote Control Systems11
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