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About Polyflor SA:

Polyflor SA is a proudly South African Company that specialises in vinyl flooring and protection solutions. While Polyflor SA offers you the complete range of vinyl floor and protection products, it is our professional advisory and support services that sets us apart. This is because the selection of the right vinyl product is but one of seven key steps in ensuring a successful flooring solution. And it tends to be within the other 6 steps where things go wrong. Polyflor product ranges include:Polyflor Vinyl flooring Kiesel screed & adhesives Gradus wall protection and matting systems Ecore rubber flooring Aco vinyl drains

Products / services

Abrasion-Resistant Floor Finishes24 Access Floors24 Adjustable Height Basins for the Disabled and Elderly4 Aluminium Handrails7 Aluminium Jointing Strips11 Aluminium Stair Railings5 Anti-Static Floor Finishes20 Anti-Static Flooring24 Baths for the Disabled and Elderly16 Brass Handrails4 Brass Stair Railings3 Brass Stair Rods3 Cast Aluminium Stair Railings3 Chemical-Resistant Floor Finishes28 Chrome Handrails4 Column Guards8 Computer Room Floors16 Conductive Floor Covering10 Dados22 Dustproof Floor Finishes10 Electrically Conductive Floor Finishes9 Floor Expansion Joint Cover14 Floor Levelling Compounds18 Flooring Accessories40 Furniture for the Disabled and Elderly1 Grab Rails14 Grab Rails for the Disabled and Elderly12 Hand Rails for Physically Handicapped10 Handrail & Footrail Brackets7 Handrail Stanchions6 Handrails15 Hospital Curtain Tracks6 Hospital Flooring8 Hospital Wall Covering4 Impact-Resistant Floor Finishes14 In-Situ Lightweight Screeds Flooring2 Indoor / Outdoor Sports and Multipurpose Floors13 Industrial Floors37 Internal Wall Cladding45 Mezzanine Concrete Floors9 Mezzanine Loft Floors10 Mezzanine Steel Floors7 Mezzanine Wood Floors5 Non-Slip Floor Covering32 Non-Slip Flooring41 PVC Edging Strip9 PVC Floor Covering21 PVC Tiles9 Plastics Handrails1 Plastics Stair Railings4 Portable Floors4 Preparation Products Screeds5 Ramps6 Rubber Sheet Floor Covering8 Rubber Tiles5 Safety Floors (Vinyl) Floor Covering13 Shower Cabinets, Trays, Seats for the Disabled and Elderly2 Shower Curtain Rails4 Shower Seats8 Skirtings36 Sports Flooring Indoor / Outdoor13 Stainless Steel Column Cladding4 Stainless Steel Handrails12 Stainless Steel Stair Railings8 Stair Abrasive Cement Nosings and Inserts2 Stair Aluminium Nosings and Inserts2 Stair Grip4 Stair Guard Rails5 Stair Plastics Nosings and Inserts3 Stair Rubber Nosings and Inserts4 Stair Treads15 Standard and Photoluminescent Nosings and Inserts4 Static Conductive (Vinyl) Floor Covering7 Steel Handrails10 Steel Stair Railings4 Synthetic Rubber Tiles5 Timber Handrails10 Timber Stair Railings7 Vinyl / Cork Sheet Heavy Duty Floor Covering5 Vinyl Edging Strip6 Vinyl Extrusions7 Vinyl Flexible Tiles15 Vinyl Floor Coverings36 Vinyl Fully Flexible Tiles13 Vinyl Semi-Flexible Tiles9 Vinyl Sheet Cushioned Floor Covering4 Vinyl Sheet Flexible Floor Covering8 Vinyl Sheet Floor Covering11 Vinyl Skirtings5 Vinyl Studded Tiles8 Vinyl Tiles26 Vinyl Wall Coverings5 WCS, WC Seats for the Disabled and Elderly10 Wall Expansion Joint Cover8 Water Taps and Valves for the Disabled and Elderly9 Wrought Iron Handrails4
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