PLAYSaFE ™ is a seamless safety and performance flooring system specialising in Playground, Athletic Track, Sport Fields, Aquatic Park or Water Area Safety and Landscaping. We are the leading distributor and applicator of Seamless Flooring Systems in Sub Saharan Africa, South Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.PLAYSaFE ™ trained and licenced applicators are situated in all major centers in South Africa, Sub Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands where Seamless Flooring Systems is represented.Southern Africa is one of the few countries in the world that has not enforced safety legislation regarding safety flooring in playgrounds, parks, crèches and water theme parks. Those days are numbered as the SANS 51177 legislation is currently in Parliament to implement flooring safety regulations in these areas. In many countries in the world it is strictly enforced to have safety flooring in these areas and the penalties are severe for not implementing this. Every child deserves the right to PLAYSaFE ™.
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