Perspex South Africa

About Perspex South Africa:

Perspex South Africa are well known for their vast range of cast acrylic products and have been market leaders for over 60 years. Perspex South Africa also supplies a wider product range including MI and UHI extruded acrylic, polycarbonate sheeting, ABS & PETG (thermoplastic sheeting), PST (high impact Polystyrene sheeting) and Aluminium Composite Sheeting. Product uses are vast and include building facades and features, walling, ceilings, cladding, awnings, displays, partitioning, furniture, lighting, roofing, shopfitting and signage.

Products / services

Acoustic Partitions11 Acrylic Awnings20 Acrylic Ceilings3 Acrylic Dome Rooflights7 Acrylic Flat Sheets8 Acrylic Overlapping Sheets3 Acrylic Pyramid Rooflights6 Aluminium Cladding30 Aluminium Sheet Facades6 Aluminium Sheeting23 Aluminium Sheets14 Aluminium Sheets Cladding13 Awnings52 Awnings and Shutters21 Balustrades64 Blast and Bullet-Resistant Partition Screens5 Bullet Resistant Glazing Materials5 Bullet-Resistant Glass Bricks5 Bullet-Resistant Windows17 Ceilings Thermal Insulation43 Ceilings, Sound Absorption / Stopping11 Cladding101 Cladding (Flat Sheeting)17 Cold Rolled Sheets5 Commercial Lighting Fittings16 Complete Lightweight Walling Systems10 Composite Aluminium Panels Facades18 Composite Cladding18 Composite Panels External Cladding16 Copper Overlapping Sheets4 Curtain Wall Systems15 Decorative Lighting13 Display Panelling9 Display Units10 Double Acoustic Glazing4 Double Glazing10 External Wall Cladding52 Extruded Plastics Cladding2 Extruded Polystyrene10 Facades48 Fire-Resistant Partitions17 Free-Standing Partition Screens6 Insulated Partitions17 Insulated Sidewall Cladding16 Insulation Boards13 Insulation Windloadings3 Internal Wall Cladding45 Louvre Plastics Windows4 Metal Cladding Treatments4 Noise Control Barriers4 Other Material Cladding13 Other Materials Flat Sheets5 Partitions Thermal Insulation6 Patio Awnings27 Plastic Wall Coverings5 Plastics Jointing Strips6 Plastics Stair Railings4 Plastics-Faced Panels Partitions1 Polycarbonate Ceilings2 Polycarbonate Dome Rooflights8 Polycarbonate Overlapping Sheets6 Polycarbonate Pyramid Rooflights3 Polycarbonate Shutters5 Polycarbonate Transparent Sheets7 Polypropylene Sheeting2 Pyramid Skylights6 Quarter Vault Skylights5 Roof Plastics Windows1 Roof Thermal Insulation21 Rooflights6 Safety Glazing Materials8 Safety Signs9 Security Counter Windows10 Security Equipment Bullet-Resistant Counter Windows9 Security Glazing18 Security Windows18 Shop Counters Display Units9 Shop Mobile Display Units7 Shop Shelving Adjustable Display Units10 Shop Showcases Display Units10 Skylight Systems15 Skylights25 Staircases, Other Material10 Staircases, Spiral Other Material3 Suspended Illuminated Ceilings4 Thermal Insulation Ceilings25 Vault Skylights3 Vaults-Barrel Acrylic Rooflights2 Vaults-Barrel Polycarbonate Rooflights3 Wall Coverings13 Wall Panel Cladding32 Window Canopies / Awnings18
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