About Mwendo:

Mwendo is Southern Africa’s specialist supplier of anti-vibration mountings and elastic materials.Our focus is to help our clients address structural-vibration issues. From analysis and diagnosis, to solution-providing, Mwendo has the expertise and experience to solve almost any challenge. We are an authorised reseller of Getzner Werkstoffe’s Sylomer® and Sylodyn® elastic materials. Working closely with our clients, and utilising Getzner’s 40 years of experience, Mwendo will supply, install and project manage according to the client’s  needs and specifications. From industrial environments to offices, hotels, hospitals and homes, we have a range of solutions to help reduce the damaging and disturbing effects of noise and structure-borne vibrations. In rail we provide an array of world-leading products that help reduce the need for maintenance, increase the service life and availability of the track, and reduce life cycle costs. With ever-increasing urbanisation, solutions for dealing with structural-vibrations are becoming absolutely essential. Protecting the health and wellbeing of guests, employees, family, friends and fellow inhabitants, is becoming more challenging by the day. Reducing external traffic noise and disturbance will help a student focus. Reducing the amount of noise transmitting from one suite to another will help a hotel guest sleep better. And reducing the impact of environmental noise has been shown to drastically improve productivity. Mwendo helps to make your world a quieter, more productive place.
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