Modcon Concrete Works

About Modcon Concrete Works:

Modcon has 40 years experience in the manufacturing of moulds, lightweight and precast decorative concrete products to Architectural designs.

Products / services

Anti Pedestrian Pavings3 Architraves19 Balustrades64 Benches25 Building Columns14 Channel Sections12 Cladding106 Colour Coated Aggregates13 Coloured Cement23 Composite Panels External Cladding16 Concrete / Steel Bollards14 Concrete Air Bricks12 Concrete Balusters7 Concrete Blocks (Textured) Pavings17 Concrete Blocks Coloured Pavings17 Concrete Braais / Barbecues / Barbeques5 Concrete Chimney Pots5 Concrete Decorative Birdbaths7 Concrete Door Frames3 Concrete Exposed Aggregate Cladding10 Concrete Fencing10 Concrete Kerbs26 Concrete Lintels10 Concrete Overlapping Tiles5 Concrete Parapet Mouldings2 Concrete Pier Caps10 Concrete Slabs Exposed Aggregate Pavings11 Concrete Slabs Pavings18 Concrete Tiles18 Concrete Window Frames4 Coping Stones Pavings17 Copings8 Dados22 Decorative Concrete48 Decorative Landscaping Products31 Decorative Plaster34 Decorative Precast Concrete Architraves8 Decorative Precast Concrete Mouldings12 Decorative Precast Concrete Window Heads2 Drainage Channels42 External Wall Cornices4 Facades50 Facing Blocks2 Fibre-Reinforced Cement Profiled Decking3 Fibre-Reinforced Cement Rainwater Gutters and Downpipes4 Fibre-Reinforced Cement Soil and Waste Systems2 Fibre-Reinforced Cement Tiles2 Fibrous (Moulding) Plaster5 Finials5 Fireplaces and Surrounds16 Fountains and Water Display Equipment12 Frames Concrete Portal Arches5 Garden Fixtures9 Garden Furniture23 Garden Umbrellas4 Gazebos5 Glass Fibre Portal Arches1 Glass Reinforced Concrete5 Grass / Concrete Surfaces4 Grc Mouldings2 Grp Mouldings2 Hollow Pots Decking2 Hollow Prestressed Blocks7 Kerb Rooflights2 Kerbs17 Kerbstone Lighting2 Lightweight Aggregates3 Lightweight Concrete Cladding7 Lightweight Concrete Panel Decking4 Moulded Grc Cladding5 Moulded Grp Cladding5 Moulded PVC Cladding2 Mouldings Window Sills4 Natural Aggregates6 Natural Coloured Dark Aggregates6 Natural Coloured Grey Aggregates8 Natural Coloured White Aggregates8 Park Furniture13 Plaster Preformed Mouldings7 Precast Architectural Cladding8 Precast Concrete68 Precast Concrete Beams and Slabs17 Precast Concrete Decorative Architraves5 Precast Concrete Door Frames4 Precast Concrete Flooring17 Precast Concrete Frame Structural Systems7 Precast Concrete Setts4 Precast Concrete Slabs12 Precast Concrete Walling Systems6 Precast Concrete Walls12 Prestressed Concrete Frame Structural Systems5 Prestressed Preslab Beams5 Reconstructed Stone Cladding15 Rectangular Precast Beams6 Reinforced Concrete Frame Structural Systems5 Road Drainage Gullies12 Roof Domes7 Screen Wall Blocks2 Shopping Centre Furniture11 Special Shape Bricks3 Sports Surfaces8 Steel Furniture9 Stone Cast Blocks2 Stone Natural Blocks3 Stone Reconstructed Blocks2 Street Furniture11 Terrazzo Mortar4 Terrazzo Tiles10 Textile Concrete6 Tree Rings12 Vanity Slabs15 Wall Panel Cladding32 Window Concrete Sills9
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