Micon Coatings

Micon is a diversified coatings and chemicals company, focused mainly on developing, manufacturing and distributing passive fire protection products to the mining, commercial, and industrial sectors.

In addition to our world-class fire retardant coatings and chemical’s we manufacture a range of surface coatings which are supplied to retailers, contractors, and agents throughout South Africa.

Physical Address

350 Brighton Road, Bramley View
South Africa

Postal Address

PO Box 307
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South Africa
3cr12 Stainless Steel Plates5 Access Floors23 Access Panels and Ducts6 Aluminium Beams6 Aluminium Staircases5 Angle Sections8 Blast and Bullet-Resistant Partition Screens5 Blast and Bullet-Resistant Partitions3 Busbars3 Cabinets and Enclosures8 Cable Ducting7 Cable Penetrations2 Cable Sealing / Transits3 Cable Trays5 Cavity Floors9 Chalets8 Channel Sections11 Commercial and Office Buildings25 Composite Floor Decking Systems32 Computer Room Floors15 Concrete Purlin Sections3 Conservatories5 Corrosion-Resistant Structural Plates and Sections5 Demountable Floor to Ceiling Partitions10 Demountable Partitions11 Domestic Buildings23 Door / Window Canopies12 Double Glazed Timber Frame Rooflights2 Educational Buildings20 Electrical Mineral Insulated Cables3 Fire Door Closing Systems12 Fire Door Seals4 Fire Retardant Coatings8 Fire-Resistant Doors28 Fire-Resistant Glass3 Fire-Resistant Partitions18 Fire-Resisting Casings3 Fire-Resisting Linings / Panels, Wall14 Fixed Partitions12 Floor Systems, Suspended16 Floors, Sports Indoor / Outdoor and Multipurpose9 Folding Partitions (Floor to Ceiling Height)11 Free-Standing Acoustic Partitions9 Galvanised Mild Steel Connector Plates5 H-Sections Structural Steel6 Handrail Stanchions6 I-Sections Structural Steel5 Industrial Buildings24 Industrial Floors34 Industrialised Building Systems15 Inflatable Buildings1 Insulated Partitions16 Kiosks9 Laminated Timber Trusses5 Metal Roof Trusses11 Mezzanine Steel Floors7 Mineral Board Panel Partitions5 Moveable Partitions6 Multi-Car Garages10 Multi-Purpose Buildings6 Multi-Storey Building Component Systems13 Multi-Storey Car Parks9 Other Material Flashings12 Partitions Acoustic8 Pedestrian Underpass Structural Systems3 Piled Driven Timber Foundations3 Plasterboard Panel Partitions4 Plastics-Faced Panel Partitions1 Precast Concrete Beams and Slabs14 Prefabricated Buildings16 Prefabricated Footbridges3 Prestressed Preslab Beams5 Record Room Doors6 Roofing Thatch6 Saunas8 Single Storey Building Component Systems11 Spans Up to 16 M Steel Trusses5 Spans Up to 16 M Timber Trusses6 Spans Up to 30 M Timber Trusses6 Spiral Steel Staircases7 Spiral Timber Staircases5 Sports / Recreational Buildings9 Squash Courts7 Stainless Steel Plates3 Staircases, Other Material10 Steel Door Frames13 Steel Frame Modular Building Systems10 Steel Frame Partitions13 Steel Frame Structural Systems9 Steel Handrails10 Steel Hollow Section Beams4 Steel Jointing Strips5 Steel Profiled Sheeting14 Steel Purlin Sections3 Steel Rolled Joists3 Steel Staircases8 Steel Trusses21 Steel Waterstops2 Street Lighting Timber Columns1 Structural Carports Canopies10 Suspended Panel Ceilings (Perforated Metal)4 Timber / Steel Combination Roof Trusses16 Timber Acrylic Face Cladding2 Timber Aluminium Face Cladding1 Timber Cladding14 Timber Decking14 Timber Door Frames18 Timber Frame Partitions6 Timber Frame Structural Systems10 Timber Handrails9 Timber Impregnation Fire Retardants5 Timber Laminated Beams12 Timber Lead Face Cladding2 Timber Mouldings13 Timber Panel Partitions4 Timber Plastics-Laminate Face Cladding6 Timber Portal Arches3 Timber Portal Frames3 Timber Purlin Sections5 Timber Roof Rafters8 Timber Roof Trusses19 Timber Solid Section Beams7 Timber Staircases19 Timber Steel Face Coated Cladding1 Timber Trusses22 Wall Panel Cladding30
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