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Environmentally friendly brings to mind the need to save our environment, especially from pollution and depletion. MasterRubber as an environmentally friendly company have introduced a range of products which assist in the recycling of used tyres while at the same time making our environments more friendly to us.MasterRubber has developed a way to give used car and truck tyres a second lease on life by turning them into rubber surfacing which can be applied to playgrounds, parks, walkways, gyms, sports stadiums and even horse stables.Children, being the intrepid explorers and inventors of fun games will occasionally get hurt while playing outside. MasterRubber has successfully introduced rubber surfaces to play areas in schools and pre-schools. These rubber surfaces covering the hard surfaces on which a child could injure themselves make for a friendly environment as they come in a variety of colours which are cut to fit.Sports grounds and the facilities also benefit from rubber matting, chiefly because the chances of slipping and doing oneself an injury are greatly reduced. Impact on joints is also reduced by the introduction of rubber flooring.Continual research has lead to a number of developments, not least remarkable,Elastopave, which to great success has been used as cover in Mapetla Park and has proven itself to be of strength and quality the likes of which are suitable for the repairing of pot holes, and lining golf bunker bases. We look forward to hearing from you.

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