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About Maris Polymers:

Maris Polymers is one of the leading global specialists in polyurethane liquid applied waterproofing products and cold curing polyurethane resins having 30 years experience.Maris Polymers SA carries out international sales to more than 70 countries around the world where it operates either by affiliated companies or through long term cooperation.Maris Polymers SA is one of the fastest developing manufacturers of polyurethane liquid-applied waterproofing membranes and resins. Its stable growth comes as a result from its innovative quality products offering permanent waterproofing solutions, its highly technically specialised personnel and the value-added services provided to its clients.Maris Polymers proves technological leadership by offering a whole range of special waterproofing solutions and customised products covering all the range of construction industry.

Products / services

Acrylic Primer19 Acrylic Sealants19 Acrylic-Based Adhesives17 Adhesive Tapes19 Alkali Resistant Primer11 Aluminium Jointing Strips11 Anti Oxidising for Brass and Copper Coatings3 Anti-Bacterial Paint7 Anti-Climb Paint1 Anti-Condensation Paint2 Anti-Corrosion Paint11 Anti-Glare Paint2 Anti-Slip Floor Treatment10 Anti-Slip Paint11 Anti-Static Paint3 Anti-Vandal Coatings3 Aquariums Fountains & Water Display Equipment9 Bandage Joint Sealants8 Bitumen Adhesives10 Bitumen Asphalt5 Bitumen Coatings7 Bitumen Waterproofing57 Brassware12 Brick Wall Coverings4 Brickwork Waterproofing Treatment12 Cement Glaze5 Cement Waterproofing41 Cement-Based Adhesives40 Cementitious Coatings29 Ceramic Wall Coverings8 Concrete Floor Hardening Coatings32 Concrete Repair Materials36 Concrete Waterproofing39 Contact Adhesive9 Crack Fillers9 Elastomeric Wall Coatings17 Electrically Conductive Coatings3 Electro-Static Coatings3 Enamel Paints and Coatings10 Epoxy Adhesives35 Epoxy Coatings40 Fibrous Jointing Strips2 Fire Protection Coatings5 Fire Protective Joint Sealants9 Fire Retardant Coatings8 Fire Retardant Paint1 Fire Retardant for Metal Coatings1 Fire Retardant for Wood and Timber Coatings6 Floor Adhesives23 Floor Coatings25 Foam Polyethylene Insulation Material24 Fountains & Water Display Equipment9 Glazing Compounds2 Granite Jointing Strips9 Heavy Duty Joints Expansion16 Hospital Wall Covering4 Industrial Coatings17 Industrial Floors37 Joint Fillers13 Joint Sealing Compounds17 Joint Sealing Service4 Light Duty Joints Expansion11 Light Fittings Coatings4 Liquid Plastic Waterproofing11 Marble Jointing Strips8 Masonry Filler5 Mastic Asphalt3 Metal Primer6 Natural Adhesives4 Natural Resins1 Other Paint8 P.U. Sealants8 PVA Adhesives6 Paints and Coatings73 Paper Jointing Strips2 Parking Decks Waterproofing9 Phosphorescent Coatings1 Photoluminescent Coatings2 Plaster Primer10 Plastic Wall Coverings5 Plastics Jointing Strips6 Polyethylene Awnings9 Polyurethane Adhesives18 Polyurethane Coatings43 Powder Coatings5 Pre-Treatment Paint7 Preformed Flexible Joint Sealants5 Preformed Resilient Joint Sealants6 Primer Paint28 Protective Acrylic Coatings23 Protective Aluminium Coatings9 Protective Asphalt Coatings3 Protective Coatings43 Protective Concrete Coatings17 Protective Galvanised Coatings2 Protective Masonry Coatings12 Protective Timber Coatings11 Radiant Heat Barrier Coatings8 Reflective Coatings8 Resin Wall Coverings5 Retaining Walls46 Roof Paint16 Roof Reconditioning Coatings10 Roofs Waterproofing49 Rubber-Based Adhesives7 Sanitaryware Paint2 Silicone Sealants24 Solar Energy Collectors Coatings3 Spray-On Cement Glaze2 Sprayed Masonry Decorative Coatings7 Sprayed Metal Decorative Coatings2 Steel Jointing Strips5 Surface Treatment Agents Concrete Waterproofing18 Swimming Pool Coatings27 Swimming Pool Liners6 Swimming Pool Plaster15 Swimming Pool Surrounds17 Synthetic Resin Epoxide Adhesives8 Synthetic Resin Phenol / Resorcinol Adhesives2 Synthetic Resin Urea / Formaldehyde Adhesives2 Synthetic Resins1 Textured Coatings17 Thermal Coatings5 Thermoplastic Adhesives3 Tile Adhesives47 Tile Sealers13 Timber Coatings17 Timber Stains Coatings11 Undercoats9 Wall Coverings13 Wallcovering Adhesives11 Water Features Fountains & Water Display Equipment10 Waterproof Coatings34 Waterproofing173 Waterproofing Contractors7 Waterproofing Membranes26 Waterproofing Plaster14 Waterproofing of Expansion Joints8 Wood & Timber Stains6
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