About Incledon:

Incledon is an importer and leading national distributor of engineering products in the fluid conveyance industries, supplying a comprehensive range of highly recognised, approved and quality pipes, fittings, flanges, couplings, jointing materials, valves, civil related products, pumps and irrigation equipment.

Products / services

Access Covers and Systems10 Ball Valves9 Bandage Joint Sealants8 Brass Compression Pipe Fittings5 Brassware12 Butterfly Valves2 Capillary Solder Fitting7 Cast Iron Manhole Covers and Frames4 Cast Iron Pipes3 Cast Iron Roof Outlets5 Cast Iron Valves and Meter Boxes2 Centrifugal Operation Pumps4 Channel Gratings10 Chemical Centrifugal Pumps and Pump Sets3 Clamps5 Clamps Pipes4 Cold Water Galvanised Steel Tanks3 Control / Relief Valves7 Copper Pipes3 Diaphragm Valves3 Domestic Valves3 Dosing Pumps and Pump Sets3 Drainage Cast Iron Pipes5 Drum Pumps and Pump Sets2 Ductile Iron Pressure Pipe Fittings4 Ductile Iron Pressure Pipes3 Expansion Control Valves5 External Water Meter Boxes4 Fire Protective Joint Sealants9 Floor Drains85 Flow Reducing Valves5 Gully Gratings6 Hydrant Boxes4 Industrial Valves4 Iron Spun Pipes3 Joint Sealing Compounds17 Manhole Covers24 Metering (Flow Recorders) Valves1 Non-Return Valves4 Other Operation Pumps3 PVC Pipe Fittings4 PVC Soil and Waste Systems1 PVDF Pipes1 Parking Areas Drainage6 Pipe Couplings8 Pipe Fittings17 Pipe Threading Equipment1 Pipe Wrapping2 Pipes and Fittings21 Polyethylene Pipes9 Polypropylene Valves and Meter Boxes2 Pressure Pipe Fittings for uPVC Piping5 Pressure Reducing Valves6 Pressure Valves3 Pressure Vessels5 Pumps9 Pumps and Pump Sets2 Repair Clamps1 Road Drainage Gullies12 Sanitaryware52 Sectional Steel Tanks3 Sewage Pumps6 Sewage Valves2 Shut-Off Valves3 Sluice and Gate Valves2 Solid Brass Taps6 Steel Pipes8 Submersible Pumps6 Surface Water Drainage Systems25 Tanks12 Taps and Mixers48 Toilet Systems11 Valve Boxes7 Vent Valves3 Vitrified Clay Systems Subsoil Drainage2 Wastewater Removal for Bathroom Fittings Pumps10 Water Meter Boxes2 Water Meters5 Water Pumping Windmills1 Water Supply4 Water Supply (Pressure) Pipes13 uPVC Drainage Pipes2 uPVC Pipes3 uPVC Pressure Pipes3 uPVC Soil and Waste Systems1
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