HBS Aluminium Systems

Our core business is developing, stocking and selling branded aluminium systems that architects and fabricators trust. Our vision is simply doing this as best as we can.Branded systems tend to enjoy more research and development than generic products because anyone can easily copy a generic product whereas branded products like ours are protected by law. Branded products tend to be trusted more than generic products for this very reason.We have a highly competent technical team and a test centre that boasts the largest test rig in the country (6m x 3m) which gives us the freedom to continuously develop and test new products.The launch of Window Wall the first waterproof shopfront in South Africa is a result of our commitment to developing unique products combined with our technical expertise.Our ultimate aim is to offer branded aluminium systems which architects can specify with confidence and fabricators will enjoy using.

Physical Address

49 Maple Street, Pomona, Kempton Park
Kempton Park
South Africa

Postal Address

PO Box 75734
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South Africa
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