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Duroplastic (longest established South African composite material supplier) is involved in the supply of thermosets such as polyesters, epoxies, polyurethanes and silicones as the binders. Together with this is a wide range of fibreglass and other reinforcements . Ancillaries such as fillers, release agents and machinery are also provided Duroplas tics imports the DIAB range of Core Materials Duroplastic also manufactures a range of profiled fibreglass roofsheeting. Duroplastic was founded in 1986 to supply composite materials to trade and industry. It has since its humble beginnings operating out of a garage in Muizenberg, Cape Town; become a major supplier of a wide range of materials and products in the Sub-Saharan African region. We manufacture and stock a diverse range of products which include: Composite materials Specialised Core Materials to the yacht industry Polycarbonate and fibreglass roofing materials Polycarbonate multiwall glazing sheeting Polycarbonate flat sheeting Paradyne upmarket sanitaryware Flat pack range of uSembleIT garden products including sheds, aviaries, greenhouses, etc Storage cabinetsFibreglass repair kits Polycarbonate burglar bars Awnings Terrasol planet friendly range of cementitious productsA range of signage plastics

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