Basterfield Engineering (Pty) Ltd

About Basterfield Engineering (Pty) Ltd:

Manufacturers and Designers of food service equipment.

Products / services

Abattoir Equipment12 Ablution Fountains6 Adjustable Shelving18 Autoclaves / Sterilisers Hospital Equipment7 Benches24 Beverage Dispensing Equipment Catering Equipment5 Boiling Pans Catering Equipment4 Boiling Tables Electric Catering Equipment4 Boiling Tables Gas Catering Equipment4 Bowl Urinals13 Braais / Barbeques / Barbecues11 Cabinet Stainless Steel Doors3 Call-Order Units Catering Equipment4 Catering Equipment18 Chest Freezers Catering Equipment7 Chimney Cowls10 Chutes Refuse Disposal1 Cold Beverages Vending Machines1 Commercial Catering Equipment9 Commercial Freezers Catering Equipment8 Commercial Refrigeration Equipment11 Convection Oven Steamer Combination Units Catering Equipment4 Convection Oven Steamers Catering Equipment4 Convection Ovens Catering Equipment6 Conveyor Ovens Catering Equipment3 Cookers Commercial Electric Catering Equipment6 Cookers Commercial Gas-Fired Catering Equipment6 Cookers Commercial Oil-Jacketed Catering Equipment4 Cookers Commercial Solid Fuel Catering Equipment4 Cookers Commercial Steam-Jacketed Catering Equipment3 Deep Freezers Catering Equipment6 Dishwashers Catering Equipment8 Dishwashers Commercial Catering Equipment5 Dishwashers Domestic Catering Equipment3 Disinfecting / Cleaning Machines Hospital Equipment7 Domestic Extractors Cooker Hoods10 Domestic Filter Cooker Hoods4 Domestic Storage Rack Systems and Racks10 Drainage Channels40 Emergency Showers Laboratory Equipment5 Enamelled Steel Baths5 Exhaust Hoods Catering Equipment3 First Aid Room Cabinets2 Fixed Shelving16 Flagstaffs2 Floor Drains84 Food Containers Catering Equipment5 Food Mixers3 Food Preparation Equipment11 Food Trolleys Catering Equipment6 Foot-Operated Toilet Flushing Valves3 Fountains & Water Display Equipment9 Fountains and Water Display Equipment12 Free-Standing Shelving19 Fryers Catering Equipment5 Frying Pans Tilting Electric Catering Equipment3 Frying Pans Tilting Gas Catering Equipment3 Fume Cupboards7 Gas Stoves6 Grillers Electric Catering Equipment4 Grillers Gas Catering Equipment5 Handrails15 Handrails & Decorative Rails Brackets4 Handrails Swimming Pool Equipment7 Hob Units Catering Equipment4 Hospital Equipment14 Hospital Equipment, Slophoppers / Sanitary Disposal15 Hot Water Stainless Steel Cylinders3 Hotel Furniture19 Industrial Refrigeration Equipment14 Kitchen Canopies Catering Equipment5 Kitchen Design and Planning24 Kitchens22 Laboratory Equipment7 Laboratory Taps and Mixers11 Laundry Equipment4 Manual Washing Units Catering Equipment7 Medical Wash Basins8 Metal Panels Partitions2 Mobile Crockery Racks4 Mobile Shelving Systems13 Modular Cupboard Systems7 Mortuary Equipment14 Multi-Purpose Drawer Units6 Multi-Purpose Rack Systems and Racks9 Multipots2 Non-Sterile Hospital Equipment2 Not Cooled Drinking Water Fountains8 Operating Theatre Hospital Equipment7 Other Materials Flat Sheets5 Partitioning18 Pie Warmers Catering Equipment3 Point of Use Electric Water Heaters11 Popcorn Machines Catering Equipment3 Potato Chippers Catering Equipment3 Potato Peelers Catering Equipment3 Pressure Vessels5 Public Or School Toilet Seats3 Reception Counters Office Furniture17 Refrigerators Hospital Equipment4 Serving Counters Hot Catering Equipment4 Serving Counters Refrigerated Catering Equipment5 Serving Equipment Catering Equipment5 Shelving Support Systems17 Sink Units19 Sinks Catering Equipment14 Sinks Hospital Equipment20 Slab Urinals4 Soiled Linen Bins2 Spray Heads and Pipework Shower Fittings8 Squatting Toilet Pans6 Stainless Steel Cladding8 Stainless Steel Door Frames6 Stainless Steel Door and Window Handles18 Stainless Steel Finger Plates9 Stainless Steel Kicking Plates9 Stainless Steel Letter Plates4 Stainless Steel Meshes3 Stainless Steel Purpose-Made Metalwork12 Stainless Steel Sections3 Stainless Steel Shower Trays6 Stainless Steel Sink Units18 Stainless Steel Tiles6 Stainless Steel Toilet Pans4 Stainless Steel Trough Closets2 Stainless Steel Wash Basins9 Stall Multiple Urinals3 Stall Single Urinals6 Standing Ashtrays4 Steel Purpose-Made Metalwork9 Storage Cupboard11 Storage Dry Material Tanks3 Storage Oil Tanks1 Storage Petrol / Liquid Chemicals Tanks4 Storage Water Tanks11 Toilet Pans7 Toilet Pans for Physically Handicapped4 Toilet Roll Holders16 Toilets35 Under Bar / Counter Cold Cabinets5 Under Sink Cabinets6 Urinal Sparge Pipes6 Urinals20 Urns Catering Equipment6 Vandal-Resistant Urinals5 Vegetable Racks5 Washing Troughs15 Work Benches6 Worktops38
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