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Polyflor SA

About Polyflor SA

Polyflor SA is a proudly South African Company that specialises in vinyl flooring and protection solutions. While Polyflor SA offers you the complete range of vinyl floor and protection products, it is our professional advisory and support services that sets us apart. This is because the selection of the right vinyl product is but one of seven key steps in ensuring a successful flooring solution. And it tends to be within the other 6 steps where things go wrong.

1. Planning. A successful floor begins with a plan. This not only includes effective design, but also ensuring that the right proportions, floor type, colour design and stock availability are considered.

2. Product. It is important to select the right product for the job at hand, and this goes well beyond simply choosing the right look. Different vinyl products are suited to different applications, and it is vital to choose the right floor on function and form.

3. Preparation. The screed quality has a major impact on the flooring solution. This means without the right products, mixes, screeding application and site preparation, the vinyl product could fail.

4. Installation. Installing vinyl flooring requires high skill levels and correct tooling. Errors in welding, corners and capping impact heavily on the final floor quality.

5. Protection. Not only do vinyl floors require the right protective layer, but the related flooring area and walls require adequate protection to prevent rapid decline after installation.

6. Maintenance. It is critical to clean one’s vinyl floor correctly. This requires the right equipment, skills and application.

7. Peace of Mind. Once installed, the final step is to ensure your floor has the right level of guarantee to offer you total peace of mind.

Polyflor’s expert team not only ensures you always get the right product, but that at every step in the entire process, you receive the right expert advice and support. This includes regular site visits, training, online expert support and ongoing technical advice. The result is that, with Polyflor SA, you are assured of a quality flooring solution, not simply a quality flooring product!

Polyflor product ranges include:

  • Polyflor Vinyl flooring
  • Kiesel screed & adhesives
  • Gradus wall protection and matting systems
  • Ecore rubber flooring
  • Aco vinyl drains