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Kwikot (Pty) Ltd

About Kwikot

Domestic and Industrial Hot Water Systems - Kwikot is a manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive range of domestic and industrial electric hot water and cold water chiller systems to the local market, African and other international markets.

Kwikot began operating in 1903 as a manufacturer of basic water heating systems, which were wood fired and later developed the very first combination type of electric water heaters to be manufactured in South Africa.

Kwikot then introduced the first pressure related electric heaters and were the first manufacturer to acquire the 600kpa High Pressure Electric Water Heater with the SABS mark of approval. Added to this, Kwikot supply a complete range of hot water systems which conform to SABS regulations i.e. SANS 10254. The Kwikot range comprises of small units under the KWIKOT PRISMA brand, comprising of 10lt, 15lt and 30lt, large domestic units in 600kPa under the KWIKOT 600 DUAL and 600I DUAL brands, comprising of 50lt, 100lt, 150lt, 200lt and 250lt.

Also available is the KWIKOT MEGAFLO 450lt in horizontal and vertical format. Kwikot manufactures a range of industrial bulk hot water and cold-water chiller systems ranging from 500lt to 30000lt, which are manufactured to customer specification. Kwiksol Solar Water Heaters direct and indirect systems are available in 100lt, 150lt, 200lt and 250lt sizes for split or thermosyphon installations. Solar collector panels and vacuum tubes also available. Kwiksol solarfit conversion kit can transform an existing Kwikot electric water heater to a direct solar system.

GEYSER ACCESSORIES - Kwikot manufacture and supply replacement spares for the entire hot water system range and carry spares on systems that may have been manufactured up to thirty years ago. Spares range from elements to thermostats to flanges & gaskets and spanners. VALVES - Kwikot manufactures a range of pressure reducing/control valves and expansion relief valves branded under the MONO and MULTI brand names, which are essential in the installation of electric water heaters and have been developed for local market requirements. These are available in various pressure pre-settings. GEYSER COMPONENTS - Kwikot manufacture and supply components such as KWIKOT Vacuum Breakers, KWIKOT Safety Valves, the KWIKOT Geyser Drip Tray and KWIKDRAIN Draincocks. All these components conform to the SANS 10254 geyser installation requirement. Kwikot have a range of Stainless Steel Domestic Kitchen sinks, preparation bowls, wash troughs and utility bowls. A standard contractors range is available as well as an upmarket classique range.

There is also the range of commercial stainless products covering baby baths, bed pan and bottle racks, catering sinks, combination catering and pot sinks, curved back urinals, wall mounted bowl urinals, wall hung WC Pan, floor munted WC pan, trough urinals, floor and wall mounted scrub units. Kwikot also market the KWIKBOIL Instant Boiling Water Dispenser ranging from 5lts to 25lts and the Waste Wonder food waste disposer for installing on the waste outlet on domestic kitchen sinks. The recent introduction of KwikPump heat pumps are available for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Domestic Solar Water Heaters

Solar Collector Panels, Vacuum Tubes and Solar Installation Accessories

High Pressure Systems

  • Kwiksol Solar Water Heaters Direct System for Frost Free and Non Freezing Areas and for Frost and Freezing Areas
  • Kwiksol Solar Water Heaters Indirect System for Frost and Freezing Areas

Cistern Type Systems

  • Kwiksol Cistern Type System
  • Kwiksol Solar Installation Components and Accessories

Domestic Electric Water Heaters and Accessories

  • 600 Dual Electric Water Heaters
  • 600i Dual Electric Water Heaters
  • MegaFlo i Dual Electric Water Heaters
  • Electric Water Heater Spares & Accessories
  • Capacity Selection Guide
  • Electric Water Heater Installation Components (including geyser blankets)

Domestic Sinks, Preparation Bowls...

Stainless Steel Sinks, Preparation Bowls, Wash Troughs, Sink Accessories, Plumbing Kits and Cleaning Crème

  • Standard Range
  • Classique Range
  • Classique Plus Range
  • Classique Sink Accessories
  • Octi Plumbing Kits
  • Stainless Steel Cleaning Crème

Kwikpump Heat Pumps

  • Kwikpump Domestic Heat Pumps
  • Kwikpump Industrial Heat Pumps

Domestic Point of Use Electric Water Heaters

  • Prisma Classique

Light Commercial Electric Water Heaters

  • Megaflo 450lt Electric Water Heater

Industrial Bulk Water Systems and Accessories

  • Bulk Hot Water Tanks
  • In-Line Water Heaters
  • Chiller Storage Tanks
  • Parts and Accessories

Pressure Control Valves

  • Mono Valves
  • Multi Valves
  • Mono Box

Domestic Geyser Drip Trays

  • Domestic Geyser Drip Trays

Domestic Food Waste Disposer

  • Waste Wonder

Commercial Stainless Steel Products

  • Commercial Stainless Steel Products

Instant Boiling Water Dispensers

  • Kwikboil White Appliance
  • Kwikboil Stainless Steel

Instantaneous Gas Water Heaters

  • Gasmate