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THMS Projects
THMS Projects Cape Town based project management and building company, founded in July 2017. Our focus is on the residential and commercial industry. What we offer is project management services, building and renovation services.
Centregroup Technologies (Project Management)
Centregroup Technologies (Project Management) We actively promote business sustainability concepts inspired from observing successful patterns and systems in nature.  There are unique natural concepts all around us that develop understanding of difficult concepts in business practice.  The vision for this work is the building of Healthy, Functional, Growing, Productive and Sustainable, Business Ecosystems in our communities.
Integrated Solutions
Integrated Solutions Integrated Solutions manages and monitors all phases of the construction project, including the organisation of the required resources and consultants.Our management services include:
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Cost Control
  • Value Engineering
  • Interior Design
  • Architecture
Archade Design Studios
Archade Design Studios Each project is exciting for the client, and we're excited to be a part of that excitement. Our innovative architects like working with modern, creative design and enjoy crafting thoughtful interior design solutions. At the heart of it, we love what we do.  We're as focused on the client's creative design visions as they are. We keep communication open, and the Project Architect is always available to answer any creative design questions.  This enhances the value & investment we put in ongoing and new relationships with clients and team members
Johann Smith and Associates
Johann Smith and Associates Specialising in hospital design and educational facilities design.
Origin Africa Project Management
Origin Africa Project Management Origin (Africa) is both a new beginning and a continuation of 23 years of success in the Project Management industry. We have always maintained that a sound business strategy is essential to success and that a sound BBBEE strategy is not only an ethical necessity, but also a pragmatic growth strategy. As of 2015, GHC Africa (South Africa) became Origin (Africa) Project Management, a black owned enterprise as defined under the BBBEE Act 2003.From the outset, we have pushed boundaries and challenged establishment norms in the Project Management industry and will continue to do so. We continually set new benchmarks in the industry for service excellence and continue to review our management practices, capitalizing on the lessons learned and passing these benefits on to our clients and the industry. We believe that we have found a better way to manage your construction projects. This starts with the understanding that if we listen more intently and collaborate more closely, that together we will complete building projects that not only fulfil your vision for today but inspire your reality of tomorrow.
MDS Architecture
MDS Architecture MDS Architecture is an architectural practice that understands market dynamics and brings business knowledge to commercial project development. Because our practice is built on a passion for thoughtful architecture, we create functional, aesthetically pleasing and commercially viable buildings for our clients.Our designs showcase the creativity and insight of our talented architects. Go on, visit our project gallery and experience our award-winning designs.
Sunworx Heat pumps
Sunworx Heat pumps Sunworx is a renewable energy company providing specialised hot water generation solutions. Our Sunworx heat pump range has the required SABS testing results (and was on the approved Eskom product rebate product list) and have successfully been installed at thousands of sites in the SA market since 2010.  Sunworx can add value with both planning and installation to ensure maximum efficiency and performance is achieved for your property client. Ultimately, heat pump technology saves more than 60% off conventional (electrical element) hot water generation, with immediate savings on energy consumption and without any reduction in performance throughout the year.  Sunworx heat pumps are assembled using quality components such as Toshiba/Panasonic (Domestic range) & Copeland Scroll/Sanyo (commercial range) compressors; Wilo circulation pumps; concentric shell & tube heat exchanger and a programmed PC board.