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Workplace Matting


A durable anti-slip mat ideal for areas prone to oil or chemical spillage
A solid-surface mat designed to reduce slips in oily or greasy conditions
The raised surface pattern provides extra underfoot grip
The recessed pattern creates drainage channels to capture liquids
Makes standing more comfortable in a wide range of workplace environments
Resilient to degradation in oily, greasy and chemical prone areas for a longer lifespan
Single mat design makes it a quick and simple solution to reducing slip accidents
Bevelled edges as standard to reduce trip hazards
Slip tested to DIN 51130

COBAelite® Diamond

Durable anti-fatigue mat with diamond pattern
Improve comfort when standing in the workplace
Premium quality ‘diamond’ surface anti-fatigue mat
Superior material ensures durability
Ramped edges help avoid creating a trip risk
Supplied with high visibility yellow borders as standard
Loose lay – can easily be installed in a wide array of workplaces
Supplied as individual workstation mats
Fire tested to BS EN 13501-1


Multi-purpose ribbed vinyl matting for industry
Raise workers off the ground like traditional duckboard
Reduce the risk of slips by removing feet from direct contact with spilt liquids
Provides a much more comfortable standing surface than concrete
Textured surface provides slip resistance
Flexible and lightweight – easy to move and clean
Strips are welded together for strength
Slip tested to DIN 51130

Fatigue Lock

Premium mid-size interlocking anti-fatigue tile
This extra thick tile provides comfort and fatigue relief for standing workers
Precision designed tiles seamlessly clip together for smooth raised floor surface
Convenient tile size allows for easy planning
Can be used to cover large or unusually shaped workstations
Made from rubber for durability, slip, and impact resistance
Tile option with holes is ideal for wet workplaces in need of drainage
Solid and holed version can be used together in one installation
Ramped edges prevent trips and are available in black or yellow
Easily cleaned with a jet washer or hose
Slip tested to DIN 51130

Orthomat® Comfort Plus

Thicker foam anti-fatigue mat for dry workplaces
A thicker, single layer foam anti-fatigue mat for maximum levels of comfort
Insulates against cold concrete floors
Best suited to dry environments
Ideal for light or moderate industrial use
Checkerplate surface provides an attractive appearance
Available in mats and rolls
Fire tested to BS EN 13501-1

Orthomat® Premium

The ultimate in durable anti-fatigue mats
Dual fused layer construction for superior comfort and durability
Tough PVC foam textured top surface for excellent resilience against wear and tear
Low density under layer provides extremely effective underfoot cushioning
Exceptional fatigue-relief properties – a real investment for the workplace
Ideal for demanding locations, especially where regular turning is involved
Tapered edges to reduce trip hazards


Create high visibility walkways with ease
A lightweight matting for easy deployment on construction or factory sites
The flexible material can be laid onto uneven surfaces
Diamond pattern top surface
Yellow colour ensures walkways are easily visible
Easily cleaned with a jet washer or hose
Supplied in long rolls for easy installation
Can be laid loose or adhered to the floor
Low profile reduces the trip potential


Durable, modular matting
Ideal anti-fatigue matting for greasy or oily areas
Hardwearing natural SBR rubber and nitrile
Suitable for high-temperature environments
Comfortable standing surface for operatives
Diamond patterned surface provides underfoot grip
Conforms to Slip Resistance Test EN 13552 Category R9
Interlocking modules or single mat (edged all round)


A revolutionary hygienic anti-fatigue mat
Improve feeling of comfort and energy whilst standing at work
Ideal for any workplace where hygiene is important e.g. healthcare, food manufacturing, catering, hospitality, clean rooms or food retail
Made from a revolutionary ‘gel foam’ material that combines the best in durability and comfort
Material also has anti-microbial properties
Closed cell construction means that no liquids can penetrate the mat and reduce performance
Version with holes is ideal for wet workplaces in need of drainage
Oil resistant
Easily cleaned – can be cleaned with detergent or can be steam sterilised
Fire tested to BS EN 13501-1 and slip tested to DIN 51130

Orthomat® Office

The new standard in standing at work
Carefully designed incorporating high-density foam to provide just the right balance between cushioning and foot support for users of standing desks
Helps to delay the onset of pain and tiredness otherwise experienced from standing on hard or firm floor surfaces
Handy size for ease of handling making lifting and moving an effortless task. Fits into most office workstations
Made from Polyurethane, a resilient material renowned for its durability. Can withstand a wide range of footwear
Features a textured underside and gentle bevelled edges to reduce trip hazards, while creating a neat ‘anti-curl’ finish that sits flush to the floor

Solid Fatigue Step

Ultra-comfortable interlocking tiles
Interlocking solid surface tiles made from a blend of natural rubber and nitrile
Tiles link together to provide a very comfortable anti-fatigue surface
Can withstand temperatures of up to 160ºC and spillage of molten glass
Individual tiles can be moved and replaced with ease
Conforms to Slip Resistance Test EN 13552 Category R10
Optional bevelled edging in yellow or black
Samples are available on request for pre-qualified leads and resellers only


Hard-wearing rubber mat
Raised surface stimulates blood circulation on foot movement
Safety bevelled edging as standard

Diamond Tread

Ideal safety matting for welding bays
Heavy-duty ‘diamond tread’ top surface
Comfortable foam backing offers superior fatigue relief
Flame retardant top surface
Fire test classification of Cfl-s1
Ideal for welding bays and demanding industrial use
Supplied with ramped edges all round


100% Recycled PVC Interlocking Floor Tiles
Easy DIY Installation
Popular low-cost flooring for inside the house or office, playrooms and garages
No adhesive required (see installation tips)
Made from recycled PVC – non-conductive and fire-resistant
Do not expose to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures


Anti-slip fluted rubber matting
Durable, manufactured from hardwearing natural rubber
Fine ribbed surface has effective slip-resistance
Provides insulation from cold concrete floors
Has some noise insulation properties
Can also be used on workbenches
Available in a chunky COBArib Wide option

COBAswitch VDE

Electrical switchboard matting
Lightweight mat designed for use in front of open switchboards and high voltage equipment
Provides safety for operatives against electric shock
Fine fluted surface has slip-resistance benefits
4.5mm x 10m rolls – VDE approved
Tested to 50,000 volts according to DIN EN60243-1 (VDE0303 part 21) IEC 60243-2:1996

Pyramid Sheeting

Technical Specification
Product Height 3mm
Product Weight 5.22 kg/m
Roll Length 20m
Typical Applications A range of industrial applications such as for or use on stairs, countertops, workshop floors and load boxes
Cleaning Method Wash down with a damp cloth


Anti-slip, protective liner
Ideal non-slip liner for bars, shelves and trays
Easy to cut and trim to shape
Machine washable
Manufactured from foam PVC

Fatigue-Step Floor Tiles

Anti-Slip floor tiles for wet and oily areas
Interlocking open holed tiles for general industrial use
Soft, yet resilient rubber floor tiles
Effective Anti-Fatigue properties for prolonged standing
Fatigue-Step conforms to Slip Resistance Test EN 13552 Category R10
Samples are available on request for pre-qualified leads and resellers only

COBAdeluxe Catering

The ultimate rubber bar matting
Outstanding comfort for bartenders
Effective in reducing glass breakage
Open holes provide efficient drainage
Provides excellent slip-resistance
The choice of many bar flairers and nightclubs
Installed and cleaned with ease
Connectors available to link mats for larger floor coverage


An economical anti-fatigue mat for the workplace
Raised circular surface for superior slip resistance
Conforms to Slip Resistance Test EN 13552 Category R10
Open drainage holes for spilt liquids
Made from hardwearing NBR rubber
Moulded bevelled edges reduce trip hazards


The only ‘drainable’ rubber runner
Versatile open holed rubber runner
Excellent drainage properties
A real asset in helping to prevent slipping in wet /oily areas
Easy to roll up and move to new locations
Easily cleaned for extended wear and tear
Ideal for event caterers

K-Mat Catering

Best-selling ‘safety floor’ kitchen mat
Hygienic anti-microbial properties
100% nitrile – excellent resistance to grease, oils, fats and detergents
Raised cross-grip surface for effective slip-resistance (tested to DIN 51130)
Open holes allow spilt liquids to drain efficiently
Cushioned surface for comfort / reduced breakage
Easily cleaned in a commercial washing machine
Bevelled edges all round

Diamond Grid

Flexible PVC multi-purpose matting
Open diamond grid pattern provides an anti-slip surface
Anti-slip top surface for a safe footing
Specially designed underside studs have exceptional water drainage properties
Easily cleaned, rolled up and moved


Ideal for light to medium use
Manufactured from interwoven PVC strips
Fully reversible, and resistant to mild acids and alkalis
Cross-ribbing helps to reduce slips
Open holes trap loose swarf and debris

Tough Deck MK3

100% Recycled Rubber and Plastic Drainage Mats
Non-slip, drainage and protection mat
Easy DIY installation with interlocking system that conceals joins
Ideal for industrial use, especially in areas prone to liquid spillage
Hole size: 16mm diameter


Flexible PVC floor tiles ideal for wet areas
Flexible PVC interlinking tiles for industrial use
Holes allow drainage of liquid and debris
Specially designed underside studs have exceptional water drainage properties
Anti-slip top surface for a safe footing in wet conditions
Easily cleaned, rolled up and moved
Resistant to most oils and chemicals
Holes provide efficient drainage and allow air to circulate


Extremely tough rubber matting
Rubber matting for general industrial use
Durable rubber matting suitable for playgrounds
Tested to Critical Fall Height of 1.0m (BS EN1177:1998)
Anti-slip surface
Conforms to Slip Resistance Test EN 13552 Category R10
Long life span in outdoor conditions
Open holes allow grass to grow through
Connectors available to link matting for larger areas


Take the strain out of kneeling
The ideal pad for all those uncomfortable kneeling jobs
Reduces knee pain and lower back stress caused by regular kneeling
Lightweight to carry – only 0.35 kg per pad – with carrier handle
Resistant to oils and chemicals
Manufactured from closed cell PVC/nitrile blend foam
New: Custom branding in full colour

Chair Mat (PET)

Protect carpets and hard floors from wear caused by office chairs

Slip resistant chair mat for hard floors and carpets. Available in a range of shapes and sizes to fit any space. Cost-effective. Fully recyclable.


If greasy floors are a problem, this is your ideal anti-slip mat!

Improves comfort during prolonged standing.Hardwearing making it suitable for many industrial environments – a choice of two materials. Blue oil-resistant option is ideal for greasy, oily workstations where slips pose a threat. Open holes capture spilt liquids and swarf. Effectively reduces slip hazards where spillage is prevalent. A complete mat that can be used as immediate safety solution. Bevelled edging all round for trip protection. Slip tested to DIN 51130.

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