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Contamination Control Mats

Due to COVID-19, contamination control is now more important than ever before. Contamination between buildings and rooms occurs at the threshold, but it’s good to know that you can reduce the spread of walked-in bacteria right from the start by using contamination control mats at both internal and external entrances. Encouraging social distancing with floor mats or tape also ensures that the safety distance is maintained. Here is our range of contamination control essentials, including tacky mats, anti-microbial mats and entrance mats designed to improve hygiene and reduce walked in bacteria and other particles. In addition to our mats for contamination control, we also offer floor tape and floor mats for social distancing to ensure that the correct safety distance is maintained at work while shopping and in leisure facilities.

COBA Disinfectant Mat

Scrapes and sanitises footwear in one go, ideal to support COVID-19 protection
The resilient vinyl loops scrape dirt off shoes, while the disinfectant solution cleans and sanitises
Loose lay on a level surface, no installation necessary, and fill the base with COBA Care Disinfectant Solution
Combine with an absorbent mat to dry footwear when stepping out
We recommend COBAwash®, Wash & Clean, Microfibre Doormat or the Social Distancing Floor Mat
The mat features a non-slip vinyl backing and durable, ramped edging
Soft, compounded PVC looped surface scrubs, dislodges and traps dirt as traffic passes through
Ideal for any workplace where hygiene is important e.g. healthcare, food manufacturing, catering, hospitality, clean rooms or food retail
NEW: Small mat (600 mm x 500 mm), perfect for low traffic, room-to-room contamination control
Material is REACH Compliant
Available in 20 vibrant colours
Ask us about branding your own mats! Free with orders of 50 or more


Natural rubber doormat gives dirt the brush-flexible rubber nodules deliver excellent dirt scraping and trapping action
Dirt is effectively brushed off then retained in a solid base, keeping floors cleaner for longer
Suitable for offices and other commercial buildings, especially where mud and debris often end up indoors
Suitable for most weather conditions, making it ideal for outdoor use
Slip-resistant base, with bevelled edges, to help retain position and reduce tripping hazards


A revolutionary hygienic anti-fatigue mat
Improve feeling of comfort and energy whilst standing at work
Ideal for any workplace where hygiene is important e.g. healthcare, food manufacturing, catering, hospitality, clean rooms or food retail
Made from a revolutionary ‘gel foam’ material that combines the best in durability and comfort
The material also has anti-microbial properties
Closed-cell construction means that no liquids can penetrate the mat and reduce performance
Version with holes is ideal for wet workplaces in need of drainage
Oil resistant
Easily cleaned – can be cleaned with detergent or can be steam sterilised
Fire tested to BS EN 13501-1 and slip tested to DIN 51130


High-performance mat with optimum moisture retention
Heavy-duty entrance matting, ideal for office spaces and general workplaces
Raised, reinforced ‘waffle’ pattern scrapes dirt away from footwear, helping to reduce the amount of dirt/debris brought into the building
Exceptional moisture wiping properties. Able to retain up to 5.4 litres water/ m2
Lipped edges to help reduce tripping hazards and rubber backing for slip-resistance

Superdry Heavy Traffic

Reduce dirt and water brought in by forklift trucks
Waffle pattern absorbs moisture and scrapes away dirt from forklift wheels
Reduces the risk of slips caused by water ingress
Reduces the risk of forklifts skidding or losing control on contaminated floor surfaces
Helps to keep cleaning costs down during bad weather
Simple to install using double-sided adhesive tape
Large mats can be installed individually or laid next to each other to cover larger areas
Protects subfloor from damage
Easy to clean with a vacuum or stiff brush

Diamond Grid Anti Bacterial

Flexible matting for catering, hospitality and food processing industries
Hygienic anti-microbial properties
Oil resistant
Anti-slip top surface for a safe footing in wet conditions
Specially designed underside studs have exceptional water drainage properties
Easily cleaned, rolled up and moved

First Step

The first step to contamination control
A hygienic pad of peel-off, disposable adhesive sheets to protect against bacteria, mould and mildew
The ‘tacky’ sheets capture dirt and dust from footwear and wheeled equipment for contamination control
When the top sheet becomes soiled, simply peel off to reveal a clean layer
Comes with self-adhesive backing to keep the mat in place
Ideal for hospitals, clean rooms, general industrial environments, and any other area where hygiene is an important factor
NEW – Blue colour option

K-Mat Catering

Best-selling ‘safety floor’ kitchen mat
Hygienic anti-microbial properties
100% nitrile – excellent resistance to grease, oils, fats and detergents
Raised cross-grip surface for effective slip-resistance (tested to DIN 51130)
Open holes allow spilt liquids to drain efficiently
Cushioned surface for comfort / reduced breakage
Easily cleaned in a commercial washing machine
Bevelled edges all round

Microfibre Doormat

Washable microfibre doormat with super absorbency
Exceptional multi-action entrance mat using hygienic microfibre technology
Superior ‘brushing and wiping’ with ‘rapid dry’ properties – even out performs cotton
Flexible, ultra-fine fibres (even finer than a human hair) provide deep- cleaning action on passing footwear
Effectively penetrates those hard to reach treads on footwear and wheeled trolleys
Friction from the fibres generates a static charge that attracts and traps dust/debris
Filament structure creates a capillary effect for improved dirt retention/absorbency
Luxuriously soft pile that looks smart and will not lint
Environmentally-friendly – does not require chemical pre-treatment or washing detergents
Pile material: Microfibre

COBAguard Universal

Protects floor surfaces from paint and debris when decorating

Adaptable film which can be applied to most surfaces including carpet, laminate, ceramics and glass.

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