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The importance of entrance matting for shopping centres

Specifile chats to COBA Africa

As trends change and production methods improve in entrance matting, with more new, impressive and innovative products being introduced to market, clients are now spoilt for choice in product variety.

COBA Africa points out, however, that they often encounter projects where incorrect specifications are done for entrance matting systems for high traffic environments, such as shopping centres. This is by no means an indication of ill intention by the specifiers or the clients themselves but as a result of not being educated when looking for the correct choice.

As a leader in the market, COBA Africa has taken the responsibility and made the investment to not only provide and sell products to market, but to also be a source of information and education. The company works very closely with some of the largest specifying professionals in the market, with regular training for its employees to ensure everyone is up-to-date with the latest products.

This September, COBA also introduced its latest innovative app Entrance Architect, which allows clients to specify the correct entrance matting system for their project quickly and easily with a few simple steps. Entrance Architect can be downloaded on both iTunes and the Google Play store.

We asked COBA Africa what architects and specifiers should consider when specifying entrance mats for shopping centres.

Shopping centres are considered high traffic environments. So it’s key that an entrance matting system has the durability, functionality and performance needed to withstand a heavy amount of footfall.

What architects and designers should look for when specifying entrance matting for these types of environments is the material type of the entrance matting system. The material type needs to be suitable to the application/environment the product will be installed in to ensure optimum use and efficacy.

However, when it comes to entrance matting it is quite possible that clients are looking for something different. What, in your experience, are the most common requirements?

Aesthetics are very important, second only to the outer appearance of the building. The entrance matting is what shoppers first notice when entering the centre, so it’s important to look for an aesthetically pleasing entrance matting system.

Performance is also a key feature for clients. They are looking for a product that can remove as much dirt, soil, mud and water from shoes prior to entering the building. This is not only to preserve flooring tiles, but also reduce the risk of slipping on muddy, wet floors.

Longevity is another important factor that clients take into account. Quality entrance matting and flooring is expensive, so clients will want to get the most out of the product and its lifespan in order to reduce costs in the long run.

How have trends for shopping mall entrance matting changed over the years?

Trends have remained fairly conservative over time, but the market has begun to move towards products that offer environmentally-friendly production methods and material compositions.

It can be challenging to produce entrance matting systems that are good quality, offer exceptional performance and are also environmentally-friendly. However, in recent years, COBA Africa have introduced innovative entrance matting designs under the brand of Matco, which features entrance matting systems that are manufactured from 95-100% recycled material.

Which of your entrance matting products would you recommend for use in shopping malls and centres, and why? What are their advantages?

Under the Matco brand, COBA Africa introduces an extensive range of entrance matting systems to market.

We categorise our entrance matting systems as follows:

  1. Outdoor/External Entrance Matting Application. These matting options are able to withstand direct sunlight, rain and other harsh weather conditions.

Product options:

  1. Super Scraper
  2. Premier Grip
  3. Premier Star Gripper with Woven Brush Inserts
  1. Covered External Mat Application. Products in this category offer both durability, beautiful designs and excellent performance.

Product options:

  1. Super Scraper
  2. DM Aluminium Mat
  3. Premier Track
  4. Trio Scraper
  5. Q-Beez
  6. Treadwell

Trio Scraper entrance mat for high traffic areas from Matco Coba

  1. Internal Entrance Mat Application. An extensive range for indoor applications allows client an abundance in choice of designs and colour as well as wide pricing ranges to suit the client’s budget.
    1. Super Contract Fall: Low Traffic
    2. Alba: Low-Med Traffic
    3. Spectra Clean: Low-Med Traffic
    4. Star Griper Plus with Berber or Woven Brush Inserts: Low-Med Traffic
    5. Trio Scraper: Med–High Traffic
    6. Premier Track: Med-High Traffic
    7. DM Aluminium: Med-High Traffic
    8. Q-Beez: Med-High Traffic
    9. Treadwell: Med-High Traffic (95% recycled material)
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