Craft-Lock® Roofsheeting

Clotan Steel is a privately owned manufacturer of roof sheeting, cold formed sections and slit strip that has been in operation from modern premises in Vanderbijlpark since 1984. Throughout the company’s history there has been a commitment to cost competitiveness, or time supply of high quality products to major role players in the building, construction and steel industry.

The company manufactures a complete range of roof sheets that includes Craft-Lock concealed fix roofing. Supporting products and services such as bullnosing and curving of roof sheets, all types of flashings and other roofing accessories are also offered. Full technical support such as assistance with the design of the roof, and quantities and measurements taken from building and construction plans are available.

In addition to roof sheeting, Clotan Steel operates state of the art slitting and roll forming equipment to manufacture slit strip and cold formed lipped channel and lipped angle to customer’s exact requirements.

Clotan Steel also specialises in high quality steel roofs to mass housing projects. These “roof kits” are supported by technical services which include estimating, design and the initial training of emerging contractors where applicable.

Clotan Steel’s products are only manufactured from prime steel which is sourced from first class steelmills. This enables us to offer the following product features to our customers:

  • Roof sheeting supplied for larger structures carries a Z275 Galvanised or AZ150 Zincalume coating, which ensures the optimum lifespan of the roof in high corrosive environments.
  • Material thickness, quality and coating weight are printed on the underside of roof sheeting at one metre intervals to facilitate foolproof on-site quality control by specifiers.
  • Cold formed lipped channel and lipped angle is manufactured from prime hot rolled steel that conforms to the requirements of SABS 0162 2:1993. The consistent material properties ensure that no structural failures will occur, as is the case when downgraded steel is used.
  • All products are covered by an after sales policy, which is fully supported by our world-class suppliers.
Craft-Lock® Roof Sheeting

This concealed fixing system is available in the following finishes: Chromadek, Galvanised Steel, Zincalume, Colourbond, Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Copper. It can be roll-formed on site by one of Clotan’s mobile roll formers. As a general description a Craft-Lock roof sheet profile is characterised by its hidden fasteners. The use of a starter strip and fixing brackets allow positive fixing of the roof. This eliminates potential leakage problems and enhances the aesthetics.

IBR Sheeting

IBR is a square fluted profile with an effective covering width of 686 mm designed for use as side cladding or roofing material in commercial, industrial and residential buildings. The use name IBR is abbreviated from “Inverted Box Rib” and has become a household name in the South African building industry. The deep broad flute design offers excellent drainage combined with optimum weight versus load/span capabilities. IBR can be factory cranked, curved and bullnosed to various radii depending on customer’s requirements.

Widespan Sheeting

Widespan is a roof sheeting and cladding profile designed to provide an economic alternative to deeper Box Rib profiles without losing the aesthetic appeal of a square fluted profile. The trapezoidal Widespan profile offers greater spans and lower roof slopes than Corrugated sheeting but provides the same covering width. Widespan can be factory cranked, curved and bullnosed to various radii depending on customer’s requirements.

Corrugated Sheeting

Corrugated is the traditional and familiar S-Rib profile for roofing and cladding applications. It is the oldest and most commonly used roofing profile because of its easy handling and fixing properties and related strength. The S-rib is derived from the sinus curve and offers very strong structural properties. The 8.5/76 stands for 8.5 corrugations over the width of the sheet and 76 refers to the distance in millimetres between two consecutive curves.

The Corrugated profile virtually eliminates oil canning and sheeting can be factory cranked, curved and bullnosed to various radii depending on customer’s requirements. The overall width of a Corrugated sheet is 700mm and a 10.5 Corrugated sheet is 840mm.

Bullnosing, Cranking & Curving of Profiled Sheets

Clotan Steel’s IBR, Corrugated and Widespan sheets can be bullnosed, cranked, curved, smooth curved and sprung on site to customer requirements.


Clotan Steel supplies a full range of flashings to customer requirements. Flashings are available in 0.40, 0.58, 0.80, 1.0mm Galvanised, 0.55mm Zincalume & Colorbond and in 0.58 & 0.80mm Chromadek. The standard range of flashings is manufactured in 3m lengths. Non-standard flashings are available on enquiry in different colours, lengths and dimensions.

Chromadek Colour Range

Clotan Steel is proud to be associated with the new South Africa. To celebrate Africa and the continent’s uniqueness, we carry a complete range of exciting new colours from Mittal Steel’s “African Heritage” collection.

Cold Formed Sections

During 1998 Clotan Steel invested in state of the art slitting and rollforming facilities in order to manufacture a full range of cold formed lipped channel and lipped angle.

Steel solutions for Cost Effective Roofing

The Clotan Steel Roof Kit is a custom designed steel roof delivered in complete prefabricated kits to site.

It works as follows: On a particular project, Clotan Steel would be tasked to determine the most cost effective roof for the intended surface area. Factors, like sheeting thickness and profile, purlin spacing, spanning widths of different steel purlins and trusses, economic overhangs etc. are all taken into consideration in their different combinations in order to provide the most cost effective roof possible, instead of focusing exclusively on the cost or design of individual items. More importantly, the roof is analysed both from a design and cost view.

This complete roof is delivered to site in a kit. Site administration is thus simplified as the whole roof is ordered and delivered, already comprising of the necessary materials to erect a complete roof. (From roofing wire to roofing screws packed individually per house, roof sheeting, pre-manufactured purlins, trusses, and the engineer’s design of the roof!) The contractor is thus released from the task of co-ordinating the timely delivery of all the different roofing materials.


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Widespan Sheeting