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keyboard_arrow_upSeaqual Ceiling Saver: Technical Data Sheet
keyboard_arrow_downSeaqual Ceiling Saver: Technical Data Sheet

Ceiling Savers are unique little devices that are installed over the vacuum breaker of the geyser. Vacuum breakers can fail and if they do there is no provision to lead water outside the home. In the event of vacuum breaker failure the Ceiling Saver directs the flow of water safely through the overflow pipe and discharges the water outside the home, thereby preventing flood damage within.

Rinnai Enjoy an endless supply of hot water. Commercial tankless boiler systems.Rinnai's Tankless Rack System™ is designed to supply a packaged water heating solution as a fully assembled system. The TRS includes preassembled water and gas connections and manifolds under the water heaters that are adequately sized to maintain optimum performance. Rinnai Gas Tankless technology provides an endless supply of hot water and the Tankless Rack System provides the abiulity to link multiple units together, giving redundancy and ensuring the business remains open 24/7/365.
keyboard_arrow_upKwikot | Industrial Bulk Hot and Cold Water Tanks
keyboard_arrow_downKwikot | Industrial Bulk Hot and Cold Water Tanks

Industrial tanks designed to supply large quantities of hot water for use in hotels, hospitals, hostels ablutions etc, and chiller tanks for airconditioner units. Vessels are manufactured from either mild steel or stainless steel on request.

CD Plumbing & Maintenance
CD Plumbing & Maintenance Plumbing and maintenance in the West Rand
GAP Holdings
GAP Holdings Gap Holdings’ vision is to be at the forefront of geyser innovation and new technologies in the industry. Our mission is to design, develop and manufacture products that will increase the efficiency and affordability of water heating, thereby satisfying the demands of our growing customer base.
Isover South Africa
keyboard_arrow_upGeyser Pack Insulation
Isover South Africa
keyboard_arrow_downGeyser Pack Insulation
Isover South Africa
keyboard_arrow_upGeyser Pipe Insulation Installation Methodology
Isover South Africa
keyboard_arrow_downGeyser Pipe Insulation Installation Methodology

Datasheet on how to install geyser pipe insulation.

Isover South Africa
keyboard_arrow_upGeyser Insulation Specification
Isover South Africa
keyboard_arrow_downGeyser Insulation Specification

Geyser insulation specification sheet.

Tecron Water Heating
Tecron Water Heating Tecron Water Heating was established in 1997 due to the firm belief in the efficiency of copper hot water cylinders - because we like to manufacture products that'll last a lifetime.
Solartherm W.E. Geysers has been in the water heating industry focusing mainly on domestic electric water heaters. Our mission statement was clear and simple from the onset, and that was to produce products of the highest quality that are technically advanced compared to competitors. Considering South Africa's harsh and diverse water conditions, we felt that something more advanced had to be employed for preventing corrosion, furthermore the old technologies also required maintenance in that the sacrificial anodes needed regular replacing.
Xstream Geysers
Xstream Geysers Xstream Solar Hot Water Cylinders (Pty) Ltd, manufacturers of the internationally patented XSTREAMTM range of electric and solar hot water cylinders.
Power & Energy Solutions
Power & Energy Solutions Providing real solutions for South Africa's power and energy needs.
Franke Water Heating Systems
Franke Water Heating Systems Franke Water Heating Systems (Pty) Ltd was established in 2005, and boasts a modern state of the art manufacturing facility in Midrand, Gauteng. We pride ourselves in the fact that we manufacture conventional geysers and offer a full range of products covering the alternative energy and plumbing markets.
Nupower Energy Solutions (Itas Services (Pty) Ltd T/A)
Nupower Energy Solutions (Itas Services (Pty) Ltd T/A) NuPower Energy Solutions (Pty) Ltd is committed to global energy saving and the protection of our earthly resources. Our success is based on a synergy between superior quality products and excellent after sales service. We are a national based company with over 15 years experience in the water heating industry for both commercial and industrial applications. NuPower supplies products of superior quality and workmanship. Our suppliers meet specified quality standards and have SABS, Keymark and ISO9001 marks of approval.
Gap – Geyser Allied Products (Pty) Ltd
Gap – Geyser Allied Products (Pty) Ltd Geyser Allied Products has been in existence for over 25 years with experience in the business of manufacturing appliances. GAP expanded its range and went into the manufacture of geysers in 2005 and has produced 100, 150 and 200 litre geysers that have become a brand name in the market. In addition to its appliances and geysers, GAP has produced a unique range of compact kitchen units, suitable for the affordable housing market as well as flats, and refurbishments. Added to this range is an Electro Pulse Descaler for the domestic market that helps prevent scale build up in pipes, appliances and geysers. GAP is committed to energy saving and is currently in negotiations with Eskom and preparing to produce a solar system in the near future.
City Heat Geysers cc
City Heat Geysers cc Manufacturers and repairs to all types of geysers.
Franke South Africa
Franke South Africa logo
Franke Artemis Group understands and actively manages its responsibilities as well as the opportunities contributing to a sustainable development. Our target is to achieve a harmonious balance between business, environmental and social goals. We considers sustainability to be a social duty as well as a long-term success factor for our company. Not only does sustainability increase our sales and profit potential, it also creates non-monetary values and reduces our company's business risks. Our activities are guided by the Sustainability Principles and focus on topics that are relevant to our business and our stakeholders.
Airco (Pty) Ltd
Airco (Pty) Ltd Importer and distributor of air-conditioning products. Heating and cooling systems for most building applications.
Kwikot logo

Domestic and Industrial Hot Water Systems – Kwikot is a manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive range of domestic and industrial electric hot water and cold water chiller systems to the local market, African and other international markets.