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Kaytech has provided the southern African Civil Engineering industry with geotextiles and geosynthetic solutions since 1971. Kaytech also manufactures nonwoven continuous filament needle punched polyester bidim-A grade geotextiles, RockGrid warpknit polyester composite geotextiles and geogrids as well as Envirofix geosynthetic clay liners. Kaytechs product range and expertise covers drainage and filtration, separation and reinforcement, road maintenance and rehabilitation, load support and earth retention, water and waste containment liners, hydraulic construction, erosion protection, waterproofing, and liner protection.
Maccaferri SA (Pty) Ltd
Maccaferri SA (Pty) Ltd For nearly 140 years Maccaferri has provided innovative solutions to the construction, geotechnical and mining industries.