Park Guard
Park Guard

Are you tired of someone taking your parking spot and having to drive around for ages trying to find another free spot that is not reserved for someone else?

Here is the solution to your problem!

Open and close your Automatic Park-Guard remotely from the comfort of your vehicle.

Park-Guard specializes in the protection and reservation of parking spaces.

Batbox (Vertika cc, T/A)
Batbox (Vertika cc, T/A) The Batbox is an incredibly clever way of making use of space that is normally unusable, for storage. It is a large container which can be installed in areas such as covered parking areas, garages or carports. The container is suspended from the ceiling in such a way that you can park your vehicle as normal and it allows for easy reach of the content. Ideal for basement parking areas where developers dont have many options in terms of providing storage facilities to tenants. The cost of a unit is a fraction of the cost of building storage facilities.
Orgafile (Pty) Ltd
Orgafile (Pty) Ltd Orgafile is an innovative filing and storage company. Focussed on customer needs and providing solutions that work better in practice for customers than products/solutions they are currently employing. Orgafile developed break-through designs, which won a 1st Prize International award. Filing modules are modular with new ClickStak technology. New extruded wood technology is incorporated resulting in a "green" product.
Big Box Containers
Big Box Containers Big Box Containers offers a range of services across southern Africa, including selling new and second-hand marine containers at competitive prices; offering short and long term rental options, with prompt delivery and pick-up; and modifying containers to offer our clients an original solution to meet their specific need.
A & A Containers CC
A & A Containers CC A&A Containers commenced business in 1991, giving it today an impressive 30 years of experience gained from The United Kingdom, South Africa and Africa. Andy Spenceley, Managing Director of A&A Containers, has brought and provided cost effective containerized solutions to the container industry and pre-fabricated industry in South Africa and Africa and specializes in container conversions.