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Gustav Koch Designers
Gustav Koch Designers furniture design
AWC South Africa's leading suppliers and installers of combustion stoves, gas fireplaces and braais. With over 350 models to choose from, we will satisfy every need the discerning and well-informed client may require.
Ecosmart Fire
Ecosmart Fire Clean burning enviro friendly open fireplace that you can simply turn on and off.
Morso Fireplaces
Morso Fireplaces
Jetmaster Since 1951 Jetmaster has been manufacturing fireplaces of distinction, bringing warmth to homes worldwide. The Jetmaster brand has transcended concept and design, and today stands as a generic icon encompassing all fireplaces. What sets Jetmaster apart, is its patented convection heating design, which increases the heating capacity of normal brick fireplaces by as much as five times. The convection heating system allows the room to be heated in two ways, firstly from radiated heat directly off the fireplace itself and secondly convected heat from the air that is heated as it travels through the convection chamber. If installed as per the installation instructions the fireplace can solve those unpleasant smoking fires.