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EuroDrain Technology / KESSEL
keyboard_arrow_upAqualift F Pump Station: System 600
EuroDrain Technology / KESSEL
keyboard_arrow_downAqualift F Pump Station: System 600

The pumping station can be used for the draining of wastewater with or without sewage below the backwater level, as backwater protection for separator systems and for draining basement apartments or driveways. It is installed at a depth of up to 2.25 metres in the ground outside the building. The reasonably priced overall system is even resistant to groundwater up to the top ground surface.

Saniflo Africa
Saniflo Africa We manufacture the macerating pumping system unit, a system enabling the addition of a new toilet, bathroom, kitchen or laundry anywhere in a building no matter where the drain point is situated or usual gravity fall requirements; and without major work.Depending on the unit, our solutions will grind and pump up to 11m vertically or 100m horizontally via a 32mm pipe to reach the existing sewer line. Saniflo brings more value and comfort at home and save time and money.

Incledon is an importer and leading national distributor of engineering products in the fluid conveyance industries….

Emelpee cc
Emelpee cc Designers, importers and manufacturers of water booster systems for high rise buildings etc. Sewage and drainage pumps and plumbing plant sewage grinder pumps.
Addicom (Pty) Ltd
Addicom (Pty) Ltd In 2003 we patented a chemical free system reducing the maintenance by 90%. The EcoSmellstop system, as we named it, may be used with a variety of bowls, made in different shapes and materials. Our system therefore allows a considerable architectonic freedom in design.One of our core activities is the upgrading of existing water flushed urinals to waterless. Our units can be used throughout the whole spectrum from top luxury building to rural applications.We attracted a huge interest amongst NGO's to integrate our system into "Urine Diversion Toilets". The latter combine a toilet and a waterless urinal gathering the urine of both sexes to be used as fertilizer.