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Kaytech Engineering Products
keyboard_arrow_upKaytech Sudpave™ Permeable Paving Grid
Kaytech Engineering Products
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Sudpave™ plastic grid pavers are used to control the run-off of rain water to limit the impact on over loaded storm water infrastructure. Sudpave™ is an open cell structure, which is either gravel filled, for frequent intensive use, or grass planted for occasional consecutive use. The open structure allows rain water to permeate into the ground at its source. Sudpave™ is now manufactured in South Africa to meet the increasing demand for paving products that satisfy the requirements of a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS).

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X-Roc SlabPatch is a single component, fast setting, fluid micro concrete manufactured from selected cements, aggregates and additives and has extremely high durability. It can be used at a range of work abilities

Mat Marketing International
Mat Marketing International Mat Marketing International has been in the business of manufacturing recycled rubber products for the past 26 years. We are considered as one of the world leaders in technology development and product range.
Matco (a brand of COBA Africa)
keyboard_arrow_upMatco Premier Star Gripper Plus
Matco (a brand of COBA Africa)
keyboard_arrow_downMatco Premier Star Gripper Plus

Matco Premier Start Gripper Plus is ideal for recessed entrance wells. It is interlocking entrance tiles designed for a matwell.

Matco (a brand of COBA Africa)
keyboard_arrow_upMatco KwikLok Recycled PVC Interlocking Floor Tiles
Matco (a brand of COBA Africa)
keyboard_arrow_downMatco KwikLok Recycled PVC Interlocking Floor Tiles

Matco KwikLok is 100% recycled PVC interlocking floor tile. It is easy to install requires no adhesives. KwikLok is a popular low cost flooring.

Matco (a brand of COBA Africa)
keyboard_arrow_upMatco Interlocking Colour PVC Tiles
Matco (a brand of COBA Africa)
keyboard_arrow_downMatco Interlocking Colour PVC Tiles

Matco Interlocking Colour PVC Tiles is an entrance floor tile made from recycled materials. Itás an ideal low-cost solution for refurbishing floor surfaces.

INCA Concrete Products
keyboard_arrow_upINCA Concrete | Concrete Pavers
INCA Concrete Products
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Various options of concrete pavers offered by INCA...

INCA Concrete Products
keyboard_arrow_upINCA Concrete Products – Grass Block
INCA Concrete Products
keyboard_arrow_downINCA Concrete Products – Grass Block

The Grass Block is a concrete lattice which has nearly half its surface spaced with voids and the spaces filled with suitable soil so that grass can grow through the voids,

Mondo Paving and Retaining Walls
Mondo Paving and Retaining Walls Mondo Meccano Civil Contractors, trading as Mondo Paving and Retaining Walls, undertake civil engineering contract works that include paving, earthworks, segmental block retaining walls, and gabions. Their projects for building companies range from as small as 1000m2 to the more illustrious 20,000m2.
Buffalo Retaining Walls
Buffalo Retaining Walls Initially involved in the manufacturing of retaining wall blocks, Buffalo Retaining Walls now specialise in the supply and installation of a comprehensive range of concrete products and services.Their services and products have been used in, amongst other things, the home garden as well as industrial, commercial and road applications.Buffalo Retaining Walls work closely with engineers who specialise in developing designs for the application of our products and services as well as monitoring on-site workmanship and signing off the completed project. They also offer advice and information on how to tackle smaller projects for the D.I.Y. enthusiast. Feel free to tap into the vast knowledge and expertise of the Buffalo sales, engineering and technical teams.
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keyboard_arrow_downEnvironmental Sustainability Profile

With sustainability established as a global imperative, Corobrik continues to take active steps to enhance the sustainability of Corobrik’s business in all three dimensions - economic, social and environmental, and through the process of reducing environmental impacts, compound the value that the generic intrinsic properties of clay brick contribute to sustainable built-in environments.

Claytile To build with real fired clay bricks is to use one of the most enduring and beautiful materials known to mankind. In durability, strength, thermal and acoustic insulation, genuine clay bricks have no equal. Furthermore, clay bricks are practical, easy to build with, offer good plaster adhesion and are not weather dependent during the construction phase.
Intamarket Graphics
Intamarket Graphics For over 40 years Intamarket has been a leading supplier of quality vinyl materials and specialty products to the signage and graphics industry. We have succeeded in blending internationally leading products with excellent service, to ensure clients receive the experience they deserve. This combination ensures clients the best possible partnership for their business requirements, on a national level. To compliment the holistic product range, Intamarket has branches nationwide to ensure clients receive sales, service and technical support.
Infin8 Surfacing
Infin8 Surfacing Instead of going all out on granite or marble countertops, look into solid surfacing. The design possibilities are infin8 – we can easily create thermoformed, seamless long counters that look like one piece and go on forever
Integrated Flooring Systems
Integrated Flooring Systems We specialise in the supply of trims and finishes for walls and floors in Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Brass, Galvanised steel and PVC to the Flooring and Construction industry country wide. Our range includes imported products namely the Genesis tile trim range and Migua expansion joints , We carry large volumes of locally produced profiles including the Mtrim range and all others available on the market. Plasterbeads, Stairnosings, Movement joints, Corner protectors, Transition trims, Listello trims, Custom made profiles bent from sheet, laser cutting and perforating/punching. Tiling tools and accessories, We also supply and install all makes of walk-off matting/ logo matting. With 20 years of experience, we can help you.
IC Paving & Walling
IC Paving & Walling A dynamic, well-established company who has been providing customers with quality materials and workmanship since 1993. Over the last 24 years the company has developed specialist skills in paving, retaining walls and asphalt (tar) in the commercial, industrial and residential markets.
Paving Pro
Paving Pro
J.A Clift (Pty) Limited
J.A Clift (Pty) Limited The intrinsic beauty of stone and the honesty of the craft of the stonemason can be traced through four generations of the Clift family. Founded in 1906 by James Andrew Clift of Cornish descent, the name J A Clift (Pty) Ltd has become synonymous with quality in the granite industry.