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EDT Waste to Energy
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EDT Waste to Energy
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Maximum Yield Technology is a new, innovative process for treatment and utilisation of residual household waste. MYT® aims to extract the complete raw material and energy content of waste and to use the energy potential as recyclable sources of energy. Instead of landfill or incineration solutions, there is now the option of optimum economic exploitation of waste in the form of raw materials, quality-assured fuels and energy-rich biogas.

EDT Waste to Energy
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EDT Waste to Energy is committed to the use of environmental, climate and resource-conserving processes in the fields of the utilisation, conversion and recovery of different raw waste materials by means of technical processes in the international environment. Apart from wastewater treatment, the use of alternative energies as well as the storage of energy are also part of the proposed integrated total solution. For building up waste conversion plants EDT Waste to Energy provides years of international expertise in the following areas:
  • Waste Separation & Recycling
  • Production of Substitute Fuels
  • Emission Protection & Air Pollution Control
  • Biogas Production and Utilisation
  • Water Treatment & Purification
  • Biological Drying Processes
  • Automation & Control
  • Power generation by power plant

WasteWonder Electric Domestic Food Waste Disposer.

Design Acro
Design Acro Architectural company offering full architectural services and project management in the Eastern Cape, leader of quality architectural design of the highest standards appropriate for the South African context and culture, developing globally respected and sound business solutions.
Think Smart Built-in Systems
Think Smart Built-in Systems Think Smart Built-in Systems import, distribute and install central vacuum systems as well as Whole House Water filtration systems. We cater for the discerning customer and offer the most advanced and widest selection of central vacuum systems (more than 50 models)on the market. This includes wet and dry, automatic, commercial and industrial models. Our Whole House Water filtration systems can be installed in both residential homes and offices.
Kuweza Procurment for builder in Africa
Real Fires
Real Fires
Allegro Central Vaccum Systems
Allegro Central Vaccum Systems Allegro provides substantially more suction power than traditional vacuum cleaners. Our Micro Fiber Filtration System removes dirt permanently with no re-circulation of fine dust particles. Because the Power Unit is located away from your living space, vacuuming is quieter.
Beam Central Vacuum Systems (Eco Lifestyles (Pty) Ltd, T/A)
Beam Central Vacuum Systems (Eco Lifestyles (Pty) Ltd, T/A) Newark Systems (Pty) Ltd and its associated company Healthier Homes Retail Franchises (Pty) Ltd were established in 1997 and 1995 respectively and have directed their focus on household products that make living more convenient and more healthier. The product that has been the platform from which the business has grown is the BEAM Central Vacuum System from BEAM Industries USA, a subsidiary of Electrolux.
Lukhozi Consulting Engineers
Lukhozi Consulting Engineers Offering the following services: Agricultural Engineering, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Project Management and Support Services, Roads and Transport, Structural Engineering, Systems Development, Townships Water, and Sanitation Engineering.
The SA Incinerator Company
The SA Incinerator Company logo
The S.A. Incinerator Co. (Pty) Ltd manufactures incinerators and is a major supplier throughout South Africa and neighbouring countries. We service and maintain our incinerators and provide an information service to Government departments, Consulting Engineers, Mines, Abattoirs and Hospitals, giving full details on the incinerator required and the price.
Basterfield Engineering (Pty) Ltd
Basterfield Engineering (Pty) Ltd Manufacturers and Designers of food service equipment.
Miele logo
Miele was established in South Africa in 1982. They are distributors and service providers of Miele domestic and commercial appliances. (ie. washing machines, cooking appliances, etc). Wholly-owned subsidiary of Miele Germany.
Franke South Africa
Franke South Africa logo
Franke Artemis Group understands and actively manages its responsibilities as well as the opportunities contributing to a sustainable development. Our target is to achieve a harmonious balance between business, environmental and social goals. We considers sustainability to be a social duty as well as a long-term success factor for our company. Not only does sustainability increase our sales and profit potential, it also creates non-monetary values and reduces our company's business risks. Our activities are guided by the Sustainability Principles and focus on topics that are relevant to our business and our stakeholders.
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Original and genuine Miele vacuum cleaner dust bags for optimal cleaning results.

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Miele vacuum cleaners are tested for all the rough and tumble of everyday life. It offers extremely powerful suction on all types of floor coverings and achieved high performance in dust pickup tests. The low noise level means it is particularly quiet with a pleasant operating sound. Exceptionally robust even when subjected to strain everyday. […]

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keyboard_arrow_downValsir Triplus® Multibranch

Exceptional acoustic performance, easier maintenance and the possibility to connect each fixture independently on installed stacks: Valsir Triplus® Multibranch is the evolution of soundproof waste systems.

keyboard_arrow_upEveryone Deserves a Miele Vacuum Cleaner
keyboard_arrow_downEveryone Deserves a Miele Vacuum Cleaner

Everyone deserves a Miele vacuum cleaner: people with cute pets, and those who like things to be small but powerful.Those who need some quiet at home, and those who like it light. People who are energy-conscious, and those who like to clean in every nook and cranny. Homes with beautiful hardwood floors, and people who […]

keyboard_arrow_upMiele Dynamic U1: The Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Owners
keyboard_arrow_downMiele Dynamic U1: The Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Owners

Miele’s Dynamic U1 Cat & Dog vacuum cleaner is the specialist for pet owners and hard-wearing carpets with a lot of traffic. It can be used on most carpets and also on hard floors as the roller brush can be easily turned off. Its unique swivel neck allows the Dynamic U1 to effortlessly navigate under […]

keyboard_arrow_upScout RX1 TV Spot: The New Robot Vacuum Cleaner | Miele
keyboard_arrow_downScout RX1 TV Spot: The New Robot Vacuum Cleaner | Miele

The Miele Scout RX1 robotic vacuum cleaner with Smart Navigation makes life easier! The RX1 is a battery-driven robotic vacuum cleaner that works completely autonomously – even when nobody is at home. Including Smart Navigation, Miele has created a unique combination of a digital ceiling camera, gyro sensor, electronics and software that navigates the Scout […]