Van Acht Windows & Doors
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Van Acht Windows & Doors
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At VAGA ( Van Acht Glass and Aluminium) we strive to maintain the same quality and service with which we have been associated with over the last 30years.Advantages of ALUMINIUM - Strong material - Larger sizes available - Longevity and low maintenance - Strong market awareness - Availability - Versatile - Wide price range

Alsysco Designing and Assuring the installation of Premium Aluminium Systems for the African Environment.From beautifully designed sliding doors to highly advanced curtain walls, Alsysco is an INNOVATIVE Aluminium Systems Designer.Our systems meet strict international standards and are designed for the African environment. We are constantly innovating to provide the latest solutions to customers from knowledgeable homeowners who require only the best high-end products for their dream homes to large corporate developments that won't compromise on quality and performance.Alsysco Systems are tested and approved in the marketplace. We are primarily focused on equipping our Accredited Fabricators with cutting-edge product solutions to make your experience with every Alsysco system a pleasurable one.As a proud member of AFMETCO, Alsysco has a growing network of Fabricators nationally and internationally. Supporting its Fabricators in: Product development Design and estimating Sales and product specification Fabrication and installation training Customer service and support
Loop Steel Enterprise
Loop Steel Enterprise B-BBEE Level distributor and supplier of stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium and other corrosion resistant materials
GHI Architectural Solutons
GHI Architectural Solutons With a focus on quality, efficient service and competitive prices, GHI has, since 2001, expanded its range to include silicone sealants, architectural glass hardware, wooden window and door hardware, and most recently, folding door hardware.
Aluminium Dynamics SA
Aluminium Dynamics SA Aluminium dynamics is a 100 percent Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) Company which was established in 1994 and specialises in the planning, design and installation of glass & Aluminium solutions for projects in the construction and infrastructural development sector. Aluminium dynamics has since become one of the leading manufacturers and installers of purpose made architectural aluminium sections and design facades, shop fronts, residential and industrial windows and doors, as well as aluminium composite products for the general residential, commercial, retail and high end residential markets.All Materials are AAAMSA approved and all glass confirms to the standard of the South African Association, SAGGA and SABS
Aluplan Architectural Aluminium
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Aluplan Architectural Aluminium
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Our ISO sunshade is a series of I-beams and rods that are interconnected providing intermittent areas of light and shade, reducing heat and harsh sunlight.

Aluplan Architectural Aluminium
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Aluplan Architectural Aluminium
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Aluplan's aluminium gates make a bold statement in keeping with the modern lines of many of today's architect-designed homes. Designs are available to suit pedestrian gates, double swing gates, and double or single sliding gates.

Aluplan Architectural Aluminium
Aluplan Architectural Aluminium

With Aluplan shutters you can secure your openings and ensure privacy with shutters that provide ventilation, sun and rain protection as well as security.

AFSA – Aluminium Federation of Southern Africa
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AFSA – Aluminium Federation of Southern Africa
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International Aluminium Institute - Aluminium - The Environmentally Friendly Material

Aluplan Architectural Aluminium
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Aluplan Architectural Aluminium
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The ISO100 series has the widest, thickest sections available. The look is clean, straight and stylish which is preferred by most notable architects and interior designers.

Aluplan Architectural Aluminium
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Aluplan Architectural Aluminium
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Recommended by architects and builders, the Aluplan curtain wall system will aesthetically enhance a project as a feature while providing light and space.

Aluplan Architectural Aluminium
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Aluplan Architectural Aluminium
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CLIP44 is a traditional aluminium shopfront system capable of meeting a wide range of commercial design applications and conforms to the basic AAAMSA standards.

Aluplan Architectural Aluminium
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Aluplan Architectural Aluminium
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Casement windows provide style, security and versatility. Aluplan specialises in creating custom casement units for both new projects and as replacements for older windows.

Aluplan Architectural Aluminium
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Aluplan Architectural Aluminium
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Our ISO100 sliding doors and windows are functional, reliable and look great while sliding beautifully. We can design and provide anything from an automated sliding door for an office or shop-front to a simple yet stylish door way.

Aluplan Architectural Aluminium
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Aluplan Architectural Aluminium
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Aluplan's stacking slider is the ideal door when you are looking for an economical wide opening door. The doors provide an opening greater than traditional sliding doors and stack neatly behind one another...

AFSA – Aluminium Federation of Southern Africa
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AFSA – Aluminium Federation of Southern Africa
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Aluminium, Roll Formed Steel, Copper, Moulded Plastic, Wood, Vinyl

AFSA – Aluminium Federation of Southern Africa
keyboard_arrow_upAluminium Construction – The Great Metal Alternative
AFSA – Aluminium Federation of Southern Africa
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Use of aluminium in construction.

AFSA – Aluminium Federation of Southern Africa
keyboard_arrow_upAluminium – Corrosion Resistance
AFSA – Aluminium Federation of Southern Africa
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Aluminium Surface Finishers Association

Integrated Flooring Systems
Integrated Flooring Systems We specialise in the supply of trims and finishes for walls and floors in Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Brass, Galvanised steel and PVC to the Flooring and Construction industry country wide. Our range includes imported products namely the Genesis tile trim range and Migua expansion joints , We carry large volumes of locally produced profiles including the Mtrim range and all others available on the market. Plasterbeads, Stairnosings, Movement joints, Corner protectors, Transition trims, Listello trims, Custom made profiles bent from sheet, laser cutting and perforating/punching. Tiling tools and accessories, We also supply and install all makes of walk-off matting/ logo matting. With 20 years of experience, we can help you.
HBS Aluminium Systems
HBS Aluminium Systems Our core business is developing, stocking and selling branded aluminium systems that architects and fabricators trust. Our vision is simply doing this as best as we can.Branded systems tend to enjoy more research and development than generic products because anyone can easily copy a generic product whereas branded products like ours are protected by law. Branded products tend to be trusted more than generic products for this very reason.We have a highly competent technical team and a test centre that boasts the largest test rig in the country (6m x 3m) which gives us the freedom to continuously develop and test new products.The launch of Window Wall the first waterproof shopfront in South Africa is a result of our commitment to developing unique products combined with our technical expertise.Our ultimate aim is to offer branded aluminium systems which architects can specify with confidence and fabricators will enjoy using.
Corner Star Aluminium Products
Corner Star Aluminium Products Welcome to Corner Star, South Africa, the home of the popular Corner Star Fly Screen. The site is designed to convey information regarding our products and give a brief overview of the business opportunities that are available.The full range of aluminium products i.e. window fly screens, patio door fly screens, side hung door fly screens and ladders are described in brief.The products can be obtained directly from us as completed products or as components supplied to either Licensed Manufacturers or Distributing Agents. Should you be interested in either of the above mentioned opportunities, please click on Business Opportunity for more information.Key information such as contact numbers, company information & products can be accessed via the navigation bar.All our CORNER STAR extrusions are protected by CLOSED DIES and all CORNER STAR designs are protected by INTELLECTUAL PATENTS.
Watertite Guttering (Pty) Ltd
Watertite Guttering (Pty) Ltd Watertite Guttering (Pty) Ltd has been successfully manufacturing and installing made-to-measure aluminium guttering systems since 1973.We were the first company in South Africa to extrude customised gutters on-site and to date have completed 1,000's of successful industrial and domestic installations across the nation.
Aluweld There are four divisions in Aluweld*Fabrication and Welding of Aluminium and Stainless Steel Products *Anodising of Aluminium 7m tanks *Foundry - Formation of Aluminium Castings *Aluworld DIY Balustrade KitsOur product line includes Flagpoles, Lightning Protection Masts, Balustrades, DIY Balustrades and Staircases, and other Custom Design Products, some of which are once off contracts or are items that are consistently made for regular clients.These may vary from large structures as Freeway Sign Gantries, Custom scaffolding, towers and platforms, Gangways, Lighting Trusses to name a few. Other items include Soccer, Rugby and other goal posts, Gates, Medical trolleys and cabinets, 4 x 4 Roof racks, Ladders and Cladding baskets, Sign frames and others made to order too numerous to mention.Other services include Repair welding to sumps, cylinder heads, tanks etc, Anodising, Castings, Design engineering
Aluwood Windows and Doors
Aluwood Windows and Doors Manufacturer of aluminium windows and doors to customer specification.
Alpha Omega Hardware cc
Alpha Omega Hardware cc
Anso Aluminium Bloemfontein cc
Anso Aluminium Bloemfontein cc Anso Aluminium Bloemfontein cc is the official appointed stockist of Wispeco, Origin and GMA products in the Free State, Lesotho, Northern Cape and parts of the North West. We also offer the client installation services on most of our products. Quality workmanship is guaranteed.
Eagle Aluminium (Natglass Distributors (Pty) Ltd T/A)
Eagle Aluminium (Natglass Distributors (Pty) Ltd T/A) Eagle Aluminium forms part of the National Glass product mix which offers an extensive selection of residential and commercial windows, doors, showers and Eco-Fly Screens. A team of in-house industry professionals made up of SAFIERA accredited simulators and SAGI Competent Persons Glazing (Cat 1) and (Cat 2) provide expert advice from initial design to final delivery. Eagle Aluminium has a culture of quality at heart and it is driven by an energetic and dynamic management team.
Comprising of Astro Aluminium & Astro Anodising
Comprising of Astro Aluminium & Astro Anodising The Astro Group of Companies is one of South Africa's leading aluminium surface finishers and suppliers. We specialise in anodising of aluminium and the supply of rolled and extruded aluminium products, in either mill finish or surface finished to your requirements.Our group is comprised of:Astro Aluminium which supplies and manufactures all aluminium products with comprehensive facilities for welding, cutting and bending.Astro Anodising which specialises in the surface finishing of aluminium sections of up to 3.350m lengths. Services include: polishing, brightening and specialised jigging.A wide range of colours in matt and bright anodised finishes is offered. In addition we can accommodate up to 7.500m lengths in natural
Alifab (Ampliform T/A)
Alifab (Ampliform T/A) Ampliform was established in 1984 to serve the construction industry in Southern Africa. Our fabrication section, Alifab, manufactures various aluminium products including Roof Grip Access Walkways and Roof Step Access System, together with various accessories, cat ladders, step ladders, step overs, etc. to ensure seamless and safe access across a roof space