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Stanton Construction Chemicals Offering tailored and specialised construction compound solutions for the Industrial, commercial, domestic, construction & precast concrete companies in South Africa.
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Karin Johns, Freelance Journalist, investigates the effectiveness of pre-cast interlocking concrete block retaining walls in reducing highway traffic noise, as well as the urgency of reducing noise pollution – unwanted human-created sound that disrupts the environment – in South Africa. How concrete acoustic barriers work According to British Precast, trade body for the United Kingdom precast […]

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The Concrete Manufacturers Association (CMA) is the primary representative of the precast concrete industry. Precast concrete is a building material which slots very comfortably into the modern world of fast track and modular construction, in many instances leading the way with innovative technologies and applications. The CMA’s promotional activities target architects, engineers, developers, contractors and property owners and the pooled knowledge and expertise of its members fosters an environment which encourages the development of innovative, environmentally and community-friendly products. The Association’s prime focus is on ensuring that its members’ products are applied correctly and that the product manufactured by the members is of good quality and compliance to the relevant product specifications.

keyboard_arrow_upBricks and Blocks: Detailing of Concrete Masonry – Volume 2: Hollow Units
keyboard_arrow_downBricks and Blocks: Detailing of Concrete Masonry – Volume 2: Hollow Units

Concrete masonry has wide applications in modern industrial, commercial, educational and residential buildings. The main types of masonry walls dealt with in these guidelines are: single leaf walls using solid units, single leaf walls using hollow units and cavity walls. The details shown in this publication are intended merely as a guide. Each construction situation is unique and there are many factors to be considered before a detail is finalised – far too many for inclusion here. The purpose of good detailing is to assist in achieving sound construction and a buildable structure that will perform well in service. The following factors must be taken into account when detailing for concrete masonry structures...

keyboard_arrow_upPipes, Culverts and Manholes: Manhole Manual
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A manhole is defined as a “small covered opening, giving access beneath”. In Engineering terms “beneath” is normally a vertical shaft giving access to a buried pipeline or other underground structure. This publication deals with manholes constructed using precast concrete sections.

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X-Tech IntegraFloor Emery is a premixed non rusting floor hardener used to form a monolithically hardened concrete floor. It produces an abrasion resistant and hard wearing surface and is applied by the “shake on” technique.

Arw Concrete Holdings
Arw Concrete Holdings Manufacture of articles of concrete, cement and plaster
Ash Resources
Ash Resources Ash Resources is South Africa’s leading manufacturer and supplier of fly ash products and one of the leaders in fly ash technology globally. For over 30 years, we have pioneered the development of a by-product of pulverised coal-fired power stations into a major environmentally-friendly cementitious building material for the local cement and concrete industries. In addition, we provide fine fly ash inert fillers for plastics and rubber products, while our ongoing research is opening up a wide range of applications in mining and waste management.As the world focuses more on global warming and the need for sustainable development, our fly ash products are assuming an increasingly important role in ‘green engineering’. Ash Resources continues to be at the forefront of helping to provide the construction industry with more effective cement and concrete formulations that extend the boundaries of performance, and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Lafarge Aggregates and Readymix
Lafarge Aggregates and Readymix Lafarge Aggregates and Readymix manufactures a wide range of aggregates and readymix concretes, which is marketed and supplied into all sectors of the South African construction industry. Operating 56 readymix plants and 20 quarries in strategic locations, we pride ourselves on delivering top quality products and service to satisfy the needs of our customers. The local business unit is part of the international Lafarge family, the global leader in materials of construction, which operates close to 2000 quarries and readymix concrete plants in 23 countries on 4 continents. The unique experience and resources in the group are your guarantee of the right solution to your situation. Members of SARMA - South African Readymix Association.
Infrastructure Specialist Group (Technicrete)
Infrastructure Specialist Group (Technicrete)

Technicrete ISG (Pty) Ltd is a subsidiary of the Infrastructure Specialist Group which also includes Ocon Brick [Hyperlink to website] and Rocla.  Technicrete ISG is a leading supplier of innovative precast concrete products to the construction, mining and domestic markets in South Africa.

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Round Face Finish Wall