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Matco Trio Scraper is a superir high traffic entrance matting system. Install in recessed mat wells or loose-lay with bevelled edging.

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Matco Premier Start Gripper Plus is ideal for recessed entrance wells. It is interlocking entrance tiles designed for a matwell.

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Matco Microfibre Doormat is an exceptional multi-action entrance mat using hygienic microfibre technology. It is washable with super absorbency.

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Cotton Mat is durable, 100% ultra absorbent cotton pile surface that lifts wet, dry, and even greasy dirt. Machine washable and can be tumble or drip-dried

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Coir is a traditional natural doormat that is made fro,m coconut husk fibres. The coarse fibres are renowned for their dirt-scraping properties.

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COBAwash is a real asset in floor protection for both domestic and commercial use. Being easy to care for, it is practical and machine washable.

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COBArib is a durable, anti-slip fluted rubber mat. Made from natural rubber, it has fine ribbed surface and provides insulation from noise and cold concrete

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A range of extremely flexible interwoven PVC safety matting available in a choice of bright colours and hole sizes for different applications.

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COBAdeluxe from Matco is the ultimate rubber bar matting. It is effective in minimising glass breakage, and its open holes provide for efficient drainage.

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COBAdeluxe is ultra comfortable, safe and has excellent slip resistance in wet and oily environments; having the ability to drain away liquid spillage.

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Workplace chairmats are an ideal low-cost solution for protecting floor surfaces. Includes installations instructions for an easy DIY instillation.

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Bakkie Mats are hardwearing & made from recycled tyres. They are durable, slide-resistant, flexible and double up as sand tracks when your wheels get stuck.

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Enviro-Mat is a sturdy, heavy-duty doormat that is manufactured from 100% recycled materials and scrapes and traps dirt and debris.

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Belgotex Floors’ WEAVERS CHOICE is a heavy commercial product that is available in a range of natural colourways. Chunky, traditional and expertly constructed, the look of WEAVERS CHOICE is charmingly rustic as it is commanding. Given the harmonious blend of rich colours andintriguing peppercorn texture, it’s no wonder WEAVERS CHOICE holds instant appeal to those who appreciate timeless craftmanship and quality. Manufactured from SDX (Solution Dyed Nylon), WEAVERS CHOICE is a modern reminder of an era when things were made to last.

Bespoke Flooring
Bespoke Flooring Bespoke Flooring specialize in seamless flooring options in a move away from the distinct geometry and grout lines of tiled floors. Terrazzo and screed overlays are attractive, highly durable, smooth floor systems which enhances a buildings aesthetics and facilitates cleaning. Terrazzo offers endless opportunities for customised (bespoke) flooring design with 15 base colours, 5 aggregate sizes a choice of many aggregates and varied options from exposed aggregate, a ground and brushed textured finish, rough grind, honed or polished finishes. Bespoke Flooring specialize in the refinishing and repair of existing terrazzo surfaces rejuvenating them to their former beauty.
MJ Flooring
MJ Flooring MJ Flooring is a family business, based in Cape Town, South Africa.With over 35 years worth of solid experience in the flooring industry, our professional team is dedicated to service excellence. We strive to go out of our way to bring you the perfect flooring solution. Whether you're looking for solid bamboo, engineered, carpeted or laminate floors, MJ Flooring has the right floor to meet your needs. 
Bentleytex Carpets
Bentleytex Carpets Bentleytex Carpets is a full service business. We personalise our services by engaging pet, vinyl flooring, Bentleytex Carpets can fulfill your flooring needs, in style.
Millennium Floor Coverings Brackenfell cc
Millennium Floor Coverings Brackenfell cc We are a motivated, national company, passionately driven to excellent client service. We are known to develop long term relationships with our client base by surpassing all their needs and expectations through good customer service and very competitive market related pricing.
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View Belgotex’s extensive range of luxurious carpets, stunning wood-look vinyl flooring, easy to manage artificial grass and much more…