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Power Matla
Power Matla Through the shareholding of the Power Matla Group’s other operations, another key focus of locally owned Power Matla Innolumis is to transfer international leading technology, intellectual property and industry skills to the broader South African market. To this end we have embarked on a program of localisation for production of our streetlights and specialised lighting applications with the intent of having fully fledged manufacturing operations by 2018.
Opple Lighting
Opple Lighting
OPPLE is a leading integrated lighting manufacturer headquartered in The MIXC, Lane 1799, Wuzhong Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, China, with two manufacturing centers in Wujiang, Jiangsu Province and Zhongshan, Guangdong Province. OPPLE has significantly expanded its portfolio to include a vast array of products and services — ranging from LED and traditional lighting, lamps, and ceiling fixtures to electrical appliances. The Company has set up world-leading EMC and light distribution labs. With over 800 patent applications, it has an R&D team of hundreds of experts and senior engineers and a workforce of over 6000 employees. Currently, OPPLE has a network of over 40,000 sales outlets worldwide including 6,000 OPPLE Brand Shops in China.
Integrated Home & Office
Integrated Home & Office logo
We are systems integration specialists company offering “smart” technology that allows the control of all digital and analogue elements of your home and office.We offer a “Turnkey” solution from the design stage through to client training and project handover. We consult with developers, architects and clients presenting industry standards and technology that meet the principals of “best practice.”
Online Building
Online Building Online Building is based in Cape Town. We’ve been distributing quality building materials to building sites across the Western Cape since 2007. We go directly to the source so our customers access cheaper prices for building material and enjoy a hassle-free ordering process. We stand by our promise to deliver materials from source to site, quickly, cost-effectively and in a professional manner. Our product range focuses on the core materials needed for construction. From Nutec Boards, Roof Sheeting, Clay & Cement Bricks, Blocks, Pavers, Engineered Oak & Solid Timber Flooring, Plumbing & Sanitaryware, Laminated Beams Grade 8, Ironmongery, Reinforcing, Gypsum, Lighting & Light Fittings, Cement, Screws and Nails, and Hardwood Decking. While we’re based in Cape Town, we can handle deliveries to anywhere in the Western Cape.
Pioled Lighting
Pioled Lighting Since inception in 2008, PioLED has consistently evolved in order to keep ahead of the latest trends in the LED industry. All of our products contain cutting-edge technology developed specifically for conditions found in the South African market.
Ryan Matchett Design House
Ryan Matchett Design House From N Designs, a range of driftwood inspired furniture and lighting, to Contemporary Furniture, each and every product is born out of a design philosophy that is committed to creating beautiful products that are sustainable and eco friendly
Solid State Lighting International
Solid State Lighting International We work with our customers to understand their business goals and translate their objectives into project deliverables through the use of LED lighting solutions
EuroConcepts EUROCONCEPTS specialises in developing customised lighting solutions for commercial and retail spaces. Together with our German lighting partners, OKTALITE and TRILUX, we have, since 2006, been designing and supplying lighting solutions to South Africa’s most notable retail chains and shops. Our approach is simple: to boost sales with effective, product-orientated lighting that draws customers into the store and keeps them there for longer.
Tridonic Atco SA
Tridonic Atco SA As a leading global provider of smart and efficient lighting solutions, Tridonic empowers its customers and business partners to become more successful by making professional lighting smarter, more exciting, and more sustainable
Pharox Since 2006 we have sold millions of bulbs, making Pharox the no 1 LED brand in the world.  We bring you innovative lighting solutions that are as good for the planet as they are for your home.
Megalite Design Engineering
Megalite Design Engineering Through intensive research to innovative design and development, everything is controlled in-house before construction of the prototype. After technical lighting calculations and project planning, follows the CAD, Pro Engineering and a 3D Printing design process with CNC equipment and hands-on craftsmanship. After construction of the prototype and before going to series production, all luminaires are examined in the company’s laboratory for thermal and electrical function before the final stage of powder coating. Offering a standard range of colours with the flexibility of specific colour toning every process is managed at the in-house powder coating plant, thus summarizing the company’s continued commitment and leadership in the development of uncompromised quality craftmanship for the lighting industry market.
Wire World
Wire World We pride ourselves in being the largest manufacturer of lamp shades in South Africa. Our core business is the manufacture of decor lighting namely: lampshades, bedside lights, table lamps, floor lamps & pendants. We have however diversified our product mix and now also manufacture scatter cushions, wire side & coffee tables and woven products.
Lumiart Lighting
Lumiart Lighting The attractive modern Lumiart lighting lamp collection is perfect for upscale residential projects, restaurants, retail stores, hotels, etc. Lumiart Lighting's latest trends and European designs reflect our high quality and technological innovations.
Plumstead Lighting Showroom
Plumstead Lighting Showroom Both Plumstead and Okavango Lighting Showrooms are proud to host regular functions for the industry, including product launches showcasing the latest ranges, and other educational events for South Africa's leading architectural, engineering and interior design firms. Take a look at the exciting events taking place at our two showrooms and some interesting news relating to lighting and home lifestyle products.
South African Contract Lighting Supplies
South African Contract Lighting Supplies With over 25 years of experience in Europe we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of lighting solutions with up to date designs and top level research and development backed by whom we believe are the best European designers and manufacturers of luminaires in their respective fields of expertise.
BHA Lighting Design & Consulting
BHA Lighting Design & Consulting BHA specialises in LED and conventional lighting design and consulting.
StreamLight Streamlight is a Lighting Design solution company. We are lighting specialist providing services for corporate, commercial, hospitality and domestic markets
Nordland Lighting
keyboard_arrow_upNHL 100 LED High Bay
Nordland Lighting
keyboard_arrow_downNHL 100 LED High Bay

The NHL 100 LED high bay consist of a die-cast aluminium alloy body and is polyester epoxy powder coated, which makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. This luminaire provides high energy efficiency, excellent illumination, low maintenance and long lifespan. Various mounting options include Hook, Ceiling and Wall mount. The addition of Motion and Daylight sensors allows for even further energy savings especially in areas which are less occupied. Dali dimmable gear are also available on request.

keyboard_arrow_upVoltex Group Divisional Profile
keyboard_arrow_downVoltex Group Divisional Profile

As South Africa’s pre-eminent electrical and lighting distributor, Voltex supplies the widest range of electrical and related products through its 21 specialist supply divisions and vast distribution network strategically located within Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. Through this diverse network, Voltex services the agricultural, mining, manufacturing, construction, wholesale, electrical and communication sectors with a variety of products and services. These include, inter alia, energy efficient products and solutions, cable and wire, power generation and optimisation, transmission and distribution, motor control solutions, commercial, industrial and residential lighting applications and a host of other highly specialised products and services.

keyboard_arrow_upVoltex Electrical, Lighting, Industrial & Cable Product Profile
keyboard_arrow_downVoltex Electrical, Lighting, Industrial & Cable Product Profile

This profile includes information on power distribution, cable and wiring, general electrical products, lighting, specialised products, accessories and consumables...

Lightworld Lightworld celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2011, and has maintained its position in the market place as a leader in the import of fashionable decorative lighting.Owing to the world-wide energy crisis, we are focusing our attention on affordable high quality energy saving products, geared towards the hospitality and domestic lighting markets.Our experienced and knowledgeable lighting consultants are ready and able to assist you with your every requirement, however large or small.Our showroom in the Cape town CBD offers a wide range of high fashion Chandeliers, Ceiling Lights, Table Lamps, Floor Lamps as well as Outdoor Lighting at competitive prices.
The Sensory Dispensary
The Sensory Dispensary The Sensory Dispensary is a consultancy which draws on a network of resources offering the finest home entertainment products/home automation products, services and technology.Based in Sandton, Johannesburg, our installation staff includes designers, installers and IT specialists. We can work directly with you the client, or any trade involved in the project. Our experience in both the Residential and Commercial trades allows us the flexibility to be of service in a variety of projects.From the pre-wire phase of a new home for distributed audio/video, a custom home theatre in an existing home or the installation of a Corporate Multi-Media system, we have the products and the experience to provide systems that will satisfy the most discerning client’s needs. You can trust the professionals at TheSensory Dispensary to ensure that your project is completed to your satisfaction, on time and on a budget.
LEDVANCE The LEDVANCE brand describes the ethos of our company. We want to define the role of light in the digital age and in people’s connected daily lives. Our promise is reflected in the company name  our objective is to advance light. LEDVANCE can draw on a 100-year heritage as it looks to the future, reinforcing its position as a leading manufacturer of lamps and luminaires.
Suitable Marketplace
Suitable Marketplace Online store selling Liebherr Appliances, Enlite Lighting Solutions, F-Tronic (meter cabinets, distributors, industrial enclosures, socket boxes, cable management systems and fire protection systems.), Sanitaryware (Kludi Taps), and Pharox Lighting.
keyboard_arrow_upOpple Consumer Luminaires by Ledvolution
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Opple Consumer Luminaires by Ledvolution include ceiling and bedside lamps...

keyboard_arrow_upOpple LED Light Source by Ledvolution
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Good light isn't one size fits all. We have built a wide product portfolio designed to meet the light and design needs of any space. Light fixtures work as a complete unit and each part contributes to the value of the whole. From the aesthetic details, to the technical features, to the warmth and intensity of the light emitted-every element has been considered to provide impeccable quality, form and function. The catalogue selections we provide have been curated to offer a diverse and unique, yet essential, array of lighting solutions.

keyboard_arrow_upOpple LED EcoMax Ceiling Module by Ledvolution
keyboard_arrow_downOpple LED EcoMax Ceiling Module by Ledvolution

The LED EcoMax Ceiling Module easily replaces circular fluorescent lamps with LED, it offers uniform light in ceiling lamps, no dark spots. Offers up to 60% energy savings compared to conventional circular fluorescent lamps.

keyboard_arrow_upOpple LED Utility Strip Double Line HV by Ledvolution
keyboard_arrow_downOpple LED Utility Strip Double Line HV by Ledvolution

The LED Utility Strip Double Line HV is ideal for decorating, it has low maintenance and replacement costs and offers energy savings.

keyboard_arrow_upOpple LED Utility Strip by Ledvolution
keyboard_arrow_downOpple LED Utility Strip by Ledvolution

The LED Utility Strip has a less than 0.1% failure rate, it is the ideal choice for decoration and has good flexibility.