Geared Hinges

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Pretoria Machinery Work
Pretoria Machinery Work Pretoria Machinery Works is now a 3rd generation, family owned and run business, which was first established and registered as a company in the late 1940's. At the time we concentrated on general engineering, later specializing in hydraulics, specifically for press building. In the 1970's we expanded our activities to include aluminum extrusion die-design and manufacture, servicing all major South African aluminum extrusion companies.The business expanded and we entered into consultation agreements with various extrusion companies in the middle-east and our dies were exported to numerous overseas countries.In 1993 the holding company for the manufacture of our extrusion dies was sold to the largest extrusion company in Southern Africa.From experience gained over many years in the aluminum industry, a need was identified in the marketplace for a heavy duty continuous geared hinge. In consultation with, and technical assistance from outside sources, the Aluton | Continuous Geared Hinge was developed.This product has since been very successfully marketed in Southern Africa as well as in other countries in and around the African continent. Recently, our products have been distributed as far a field as South America, Europe and in the Middle-East.Pretoria Machinery Works places great emphasis on quality, service and customer satisfaction.