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Kasi Shade is a professional supplier, installer and repairer of all type of shade. We specialise in Adjustable louvre, ceiling deck, fixed awning, awnings, carports, shade ports, barrel volt skylight (Acrylic and Polycarbonate), patio covers, walk ways and side cladding, we also do customised shade. Kasi shade gives solution of protection for your valuable assets by protection from natural elements (sun, hail, rain and storm) and enhancing the value of your building or home. 100% from Kasi!
South African Wood Preservers Association (SAWPA)
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SAWPA is an industry association which promotes the use of treated timber and treated timber products.Understanding Timber PreservationA general introduction to the subject of wood technology and wood preservation. Knowledge of these fundamental factors can be of considerable assistance in gaining an appreciation of the value and importance of timber preservation and the selection of the most appropriate method of treatment. The growth of the Wood Preservation Industry has been one of the most important technical developments within the forest industry. The wide acceptance of preservation as an integral part of wood processing and utilisation has been a significant contribution to the use of what is the only structural raw material having a renewable and sustainable source of supply. There are timber structures still in existence after hundreds of years of service but there are fence posts which have rotted after only 18 months service.This is due not only to a great variability in wood properties and our environment but also to the way in which the products are used. Wood suffers minor and gradual physical and chemical changes as a result of age. It is an organic material which can support the life of other organisms if the environment is suited to their growth and this, under certain conditions, leads to rapid breakdown of the wood. What are the circumstances in which wood is likely to be attacked by destructive agents and what measures should be taken to defeat them?Most people can identify wood when they see it and can give names to the more familiar timbers in general use. However, much is taken for granted and relatively few may know timber in terms of a growing form of plant life or understand what structural variations produce the features characterising species which enable us to name them. The differences which exist between species are sufficient for us to realise that timber is a substance of greater diversity and character than materials such as steel and concrete. To enable the best use to be made of wood and to ensure the correct selection of the type best suited to any application, it is necessary to understand something of its structural form and characteristics and how these vary from species to species. 
Multicast The Everlast Range is made from a special polymer resin compound. Everlast products are maintenance free, easy to install and have a lifetime guarantee against all biological attacks.
Eva-Last Distributors cc
Eva-Last Distributors cc Eva-Last is the sole distributor of Eva-tech wood plastic composite (WPC). Eva-tech composite is an extremely low-maintenance and eco-friendly material which can be used as an alternative to timber for decking, walkways, pergolas, outdoor furniture, etc. Eva-tech is designed to age with grace and durability. It is ensured against warping, rotting, splitting and significant fading by one of the industrys most comprehensive warranties, with no sealants or treatments necessary. Eva-tech is recognised for its reliability and innovation with prestigious domestic and international awards, and continues to set precedents within the building industry.
Decking (Pty) Ltd
Decking (Pty) Ltd Composite Wood is a revolutionary decking material that captures the natural beauty of wood with none of the problems associated with wooden decking. Composite wood does not warp, split, or weather like wood and is not susceptible to attack by insects.
ACME Pool & Spa
ACME Pool & Spa

Specialists in the design and construction of swimming pools and spa’s, catering for all tastes and budgets.

Neat Contech
Neat Contech Precast concrete manufacturers.
Voestalpine As a steel-based technology and capital goods group and a world leader in the manufacture, processing, and development of sophisticated steel products, we supply technology-intensive sectors, such as the automotive, railway, aviation, and energy industries.
Affordable Sundecks (SA) Pty Ltd
Affordable Sundecks (SA) Pty Ltd Installing a wooden deck adds a timeless personal dimension to any luxury home or commercial development. We also manufacture and install timber balustrading, peroglas, staircases, screening, cladding, outdoor furniture and refurbishments. The natural beauty of wood dramatically enhances the look and aesthetics of any project. Durable hardwood timber used for deck installations is long lasting.