Alco Exotic
Alco Exotic Alco Exotic Green Building Products, a South Africa based company, with a specialty in importing quality flooring products as well as warehousing, stockholding and supplying Bamboo, Oak and flooring accessories. They provide full technical support, the company has specialist installers, retailers and applicators to ensure that the products perform optimally.
Flexicrete (Desert Charm Trading 31 (Pty) Ltd, T/A)
Flexicrete (Desert Charm Trading 31 (Pty) Ltd, T/A) Flexicrete is a stunning and versatile paving system, where panels are laid, instead of individual blocks. We mainly supply to wholesalers and meet the demand for people to be creative using different colours, patterns and textures.
Modcon Concrete Works
Modcon Concrete Works Modcon has 40 years experience in the manufacturing of moulds, lightweight and precast decorative concrete products to Architectural designs.
Rainbow Shades
Rainbow Shades Rainbow Shades specialise in the manufacture and marketing of aluminum sidepost umbrellas for the LEISURE, HOTEL and RESTAURANT industries. The Rainbow Shades AluminumSidepost Umbrella was designed for ease of use and long life. We have developed various methods of supporting and mounting the umbrella with several accessories to extend the life of components. Robust construction reduces costs of ownership for the leisure, hotel and restaurant industries. We have a wide range of colours and materials that we offer to our clients depending on the specifics of their requirements.