Greenhive Vertical Gardens
Greenhive Vertical Gardens GreenHive is one of the few vertical gardening companies in Southern Africa specialising in the design, installation and maintenance of Modular Vertical Gardens.For the Natural Design Enthusiast, Artisan, Contemporary and Home Chef, Farmer, Green Architect; Developer, Interior Decorator, Private Landscaper.GreenHive was started not only to provide a completely sustainable vertical farming solution but to also reconnect people to the essence of nature in their home and work spaces.
Design Acro
Design Acro Architectural company offering full architectural services and project management in the Eastern Cape, leader of quality architectural design of the highest standards appropriate for the South African context and culture, developing globally respected and sound business solutions.
EasyIvy Artificial Hedges
EasyIvy Artificial Hedges EasyIvy is the premier supplier of artificial hedge greenery to the building and hotel industry.